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10 Characters that Need to Be in Injustice: Gods Among Us

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Black Canary (Power Character)
Dinah Lance would already fit into Injustice’s story very well because she is Green Arrow’s wife, but even if we disregard that, Black Canary has some abilities that would make her fun in a fighting game. The first of these is her canary call. This ability is basically a loud shriek that disables enemies and within certain ranges can even kill people. As far as this game goes I would like to see this employed similarly to Sindel’s screech from the Mortal Kombat games, though with 5 or 6% damage tacked on. Otherwise, Black Canary has super-strength and is a combat specialist, both of which bode well in a fighting game.


Starfire/Blackfire (Power Character)
These two should be palette swaps of each other. Alien princesses from Tamaran, Koriand’r and Komand’r both have great abilities, beams, and super-strength that would make them formidable among the rest of the Injustice cast. Starfire’s affiliation with the Teen Titans make easy inroads to the rest of the cast through Nightwing and Cyborg as well as another that I will introduce below.

Lazara (Gadget Character)
Nora Fries was cryogenically frozen after marrying Victor Fries (Mr. Freeze) until Nyssa al Ghul lets her into a Lazarus Pit. Here she absorbs the pit’s hatred and magic and comes out evil with magic fire powers and the ability to reanimate the dead. Though Mr. Freeze is pleased to see his wife alive, Lazara blamed everything on Victor and has since been trying to kill him.

Raven (Gadget Character)
Rachel Roth is the daughter of Trigon, a demon who is the culmination of all darkness on planet Azarath. Raven’s powers include telepathy and telekinesis, she can make force fields, and most interestingly she can make soul-selves. This all means raven could be Injustice’s equivalent to MK9’s Kenshi with a few fun quirks. Also, It would be interesting to see if NRS could integrate her Dark Raven form, perhaps as an alternate costume or in her super move. Either way this member of the Teen Titans would make a huge splash in Injustice.


Zatanna (Gadget Character)
Zatanna Zatara is one of the world’s greatest magicians. She has control over the four elements, so this character might be extremely interesting. While I have been thinking in the more conventional ways that magic and elemental spell might be specials, this character might break that mold. Zatanna’s normal attacks, instead of coming from her body may have earth, air, fire, or water-based animations that start from immediately behind her. Though this character’s development would be interesting, it would not be difficult to fit her into the storyline. She has connections to the Justice League and to Catwoman.

Females that were considered: Poison Ivy and Cheetah

Let us know what you think of these choices and what your personal choices are in the comments below! Are you excited for the release of Injustice: Gods Among Us next year?

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  • xino

    Static Shock is a DC character!?
    are you sure?:/

    also I thought he calls them Gang Bangers?

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