20 MB download limit set for PS Vita 3G

3G connectivity on the PS Vita initially sounded like an exciting endeavor, but each new detail that comes only seems to hamper that excitement. First, it was news that AT&T would be the exclusive 3G carrier in the United States. Now an SCE representative has revealed that downloads will be limited to just 20 megabytes, though the possibility of bigger downloads in the future is open. Furthermore, there’s concern that meager 128Kbps download and 64Kbps upload speeds will hamper multiplayer experiences, causing players to rely on wi-fi to scratch their competitive itch.

I was pretty excited about the possibilities that came with the announcement of 3G functionality when it was first announced. Now that downloads on an already inferior wireless network are going to be limited — at sub-DSL speeds, to boot — I’m positive that I made the right choice in preordering the 3G-less Vita.

Source: Andriasang

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  1. of course when they first release the Vita no one knows how many Vita`s are gona be sold, and how many people are gona go online and try to download stuf or play games, im sure sony is performing run tests as we speack, but no run test can prepare a game a console or a toaster for this … as far as i know there is no fuly fledged gaming console that ewer did multiplayer on 3g
    i dont ewen know if its gona work, 3g dosent work half the time i use it on my phone…

  2. @informnt
    wtf is 3g anyway, internet of radio signals?

  3. @Reigen
    In simple terms, yes… They are “internet radio signals”, based on certain telecommunications standards/tech. ‘3G’ simply means ‘3rd Generation’ of telecommunication protocols.

    PS: Wikipedia and Google are great educational tools.

  4. yea, like the nice guys above said, im NOT youre wikipedia, go google it youreself

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