2011 Game of the Year Awards: The People’s Choice

Best Xbox 360 Exclusive

Winner: Gears of War 3

The crop of 360-exclusive titles was pretty thin, but what was there was damn impressive. Gears of War 3 is what you’d expect from one of the most influential IPs of this generation, and Forza Motorsport 4 could very well have pushed the franchise past Gran Turismo as the premier racing sim on the market. In the end, it was sawing grubs in two that prevailed.

“My vote definitely goes to Gears of War 3. It’s the best in the series and easily one of the best 360 exclusives, period.” — trf

“I played a bit of each, super impressed with Forza. It’s what I wanted Gran Turismo to be. So that’s my vote.” — hero

“Gears 3 seems like the only logical choice.” — Matt

Best PS3 Exclusive

Winner: Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

Sony’s crop of PS3-exclusive games this year was fantastic, offering a good variety of different experiences. But once we learned when Uncharted 3 was releasing in 2011, was there ever any doubt?

“My pick was inFAMOUS 2, right up until I played Uncharted 3.” — trf

“I voted for Uncharted 3 but I was going to go for inFamous 2. Both great games.” — SnowHawk

“Great year for PS3, but Uncharted 3 was just amazing. Played though it multiple times and still am not sick of it.” — One-Shot

“inFamous 2. Couldn’t get enough of that one.” — Deadpool

“InFamous 2 was a great continuation of the story, and was close to my pick for game of the year.”

Game of the Year

Winner: Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

2011 might very well have been the greatest year ever for video games, with several games that would easily win Game of the Year across the industry had they released by themselves. Alas, that was not the case, and there could only be one. Oddly enough, Uncharted 3 got the most votes but the least vocal support in the voting thread, just like in the Best Soundtrack thread.

“Uncharted 3 easily. Skyrim was good….but the plethora of bugs within it ruined GOTY for me. Batman..while fun, extremely overrated.” — unicron7

“Out of all of the games I actually had time to get to this year (not much), none made me feel the way Portal 2 did. The co-op was great and all, but the single player (in my opinion) will be among the most memorable gaming experiences of my life.” — hero

“i voted for Batman:AC because it was such an epic game.” — SnowHawk

“I’m all for Skyrim. Despite the issues with the PS3 version, it’s still an incredibly engrossing game and a landmark game in the history of RPGs.” — trf

“This was a really hard vote for me because I think some deserve it more than my personal favorite (Dark Souls). Like Dead Space 2 and Portal 2.” — +silent55

“Deus’y [Ed. note: Er, that’d be Deus Ex]” — Deadpool

“I know I’m alone on this one, but.. LittleBigPlanet 2!” — TheFirstAvenger

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  1. Fair bit of division this year. I definitely swayed from the ‘norm’ this year too, I played some hidden gems and some really shamefully overlooked titles. It’s a pity the last quarter was so packed with great games.

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