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Aliens Vs Predators Trailer Shows Off Aliens Prowess

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The darkness has never been as scary as it is in this Aliens Vs Predators trailer. Recently released by SEGA, this trailer depicts some of the finer points of the Aliens capabilities to kill everything they come in contact with. If you’re not one for nightmares, this title and trailer is definitely not geared towards you. Watch at your own risk and make sure to use the potty first.

Trailer included below.

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Comments (5)

  • scrilla


  • Ryan

    HO-LY SH-

    Wow, that looks cool!

  • Zack_long_live_Dragoon

    OoooOooOo this could be good

  • Shotgun Junior

    I’m so going to be an alien.

  • LightStormer

    too bad the alien versus predator films couldnt be this good…god they were awful, two awesome sci-fi franchises turned into a retarded teen slasher ¬_¬

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