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Alpha Protocol receives yet another release date — surprised?

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Late in 2009, SEGA announced that they were changing the release window for Alpha Protocol, however they never gave a solid date – only a window. The game which was moved to Spring 2010 has finally reached the point to where SEGA is comfortable announcing a new release date for the title.

SEGA’s stealth-action roleplaying game has been given a  May 28 release in Europe and in North America on June 1. We’re not too sure how many people are actively anticipating this game anymore due to the delays, but it’ll be interesting to see how Protocol has been improved since being pushed back.

Are any of you still excited for this one or have you moved on?

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Comments (16)

  • TRF

    I’m beginning to think this game doesn’t even exist and we’re all being fooled into thinking that we will eventually get an Alpha Protocol.

    That being said, it doesn’t look all that interesting to me.

  • TekaTaku

    Seeing as I only found out about this game 2 weeks ago I’m pretty excited for it. Though if I was one of the people who got hit by every delay I would be pretty mad at the developers.

  • Dreamer_Lion

    This is called: “Pulling a Duke. . . . Nukem”, lol.

    Delays will always affect new games (not franchises), ’cause the games loses it’s light in favor of other games (probably franchises).

  • SonyJunkie

    I am really looking forward to this game. It has to come soon, they are working on Fallout New Vegas now so there is no way they can keep pushing it back.

  • Moocows111111

    Doesn’t look that great, seems like its going to be like Splinter Cell but with choices, =/ And as Dreamer_Lion said its probably going to be a Duke Nukem kinda of scenario

  • SonyJunkie

    What, Splinter Cell with choices, honestly, if it is pulled off right, it could be the greatest game ever.

    Can’t be like Duke Nukem, Obsidian is working on another game, so this one has to be finished already.

  • Moocows111111

    Sony what I meant by being like Duke Nukem was that it was canceled after many delays, and yes this will be similar to Splinter Cell but with choices XD

  • BlinkyEC

    I think it looks good …..

  • taus90

    Heard about this game for the first time, doesn’t sound that interesting SEGA make it PS3 exclusive and u will get all the interest in the world. Speaking of delays all i want is 8 days, Getaway and Heavenly Sword 2. please SONY.

  • SonyJunkie


    they will not make it a PS3 exclusive and I guess this game will have a certain audience.

  • scottspeed

    never heard of this game but any big delays are not good for any new ip

  • Dr. Moogle

    hmmm lets hope that this the true release date….lets not pull another duke nukem forever :\

  • coolsalajr

    @ dr moogle: lol!

  • SonyJunkie

    Like I keep saying, it has to be really soon since they are now working on Fallout New Vegas.

  • Dr. Moogle

    @sonyjunkie: dont worry man, i doubt it will be much longer….they dont want to pull a kojima either 😀

    i think they are just polishing up the game a little bit more

  • StarSpeed

    This game will be a good new game for Sega. If Sega makes the game controls easy to use, it will then probably attract people attention to the game.

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