Analysts surprised by Move’s price point acceptance

One of the many criticisms Sony originally faced with the PlayStation Move was its price point of a $99 bundle with the option to purchase a standalone Move peripheral for $49.99. This generally meant that in order to have a full two-player experience, you would need to drop at least $150 more into your hobby. While a lot of analysts felt that this would hinder the consumer acceptance of the product, Lizard Capital’s Colin Sebastian says that consumers have actually been the complete opposite.

“Consistent with the strong interest in core holiday titles, our survey also suggests healthy demand for Kinect and Sony Move,” the report reads.

“We are somewhat surprised by the positive reaction given the relatively high price points ($149 for Kinect and $99+ for Move) and the lack of many compatible games for the devices. While motion controllers are unlikely to materially impact console game sales in Q4, we do think they could act as a catalyst for stocks, as indicators of future demand for software.”

I’m not sure if this comes down more to the strong Soccer Mom love for motion gaming this generation or if everyone understands things get more expensive as technology improves, but it’s good to know that Sony’s Move is doing so well in this department. How many of you are fine with the $99+ price point?

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  1. Considering it still costs around £35 ($50) for a Dualshock 3 controller and even a Wiimote can STILL set you back $35-$50, I’m not surprised by the Playstation Move price point, sure I’d be happier it it were cheaper, but I don’t think it’s outrageous.

  2. im ok wih it, the price is good, but most importantly there are great games that are move compatible

  3. TraumaticTighearnan October 13, 2010 @ 11:38

    £42 for the starter kit in the UK.. I’m not going to compain about that price xD

  4. Its the same price as a DS3 in my area, and I think its pretty fair.

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