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Angry Birds Fly Your Way January 4th

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Yesterday, Sony confirmed on its Official PlayStation Blog a slew of titles you can expect to see for download when its weekly PlayStation Store update returns tomorrow, January 4th. Leading the pack of confirmed titles, however, is the wildly successful downloadable PlayStation Mini — Angry Birds.

Angry Birds started off on the iPod and Android marketplace and has quickly reached over 50 million downloads worldwide. That figure is pretty daunting and obviously doesn’t hold a candle to another release coming this week (Tetris), but it’s definitely an addictive game to be excited about.

Outside of Angry Birds, you can also look forward to Tetris and its exclusive multiplayer action on PlayStation 3 as well as Arc the Lad III, Microbot and Ricochet. Despite already playing a vast majority of Angry Birds, I’m definitely excited to once again pay for the title to own it on my PlayStation 3 — foolish? Hardly. Those pigs need to die!

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Comments (6)

  • bubano

    I love the game on my android, but won’t get it on the PS3.

    Back to killing more pigs…

  • One-Shot

    Eh I will stick with my touch screen on iphone. Besides knowing PSN it will probably be $5 compared to the app store’s 99 cents.

    • Reigen

      psn games are almost always in hd and with high AA
      im prety sure threire not gona release the same version

      • One-Shot

        Not exactly on the top of my list to play angry birds in hd.

  • Super Smash Bros. Fan

    Not something I’m interested in. This would make more sense on WiiWare.

  • TheFirstAvenger

    Since it’s a mini I guess that means no trophies?

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