Army of Two 3 in development, to be titled Army of Four


If your head didn’t explode from trying to comprehend that headline, then you’re lucky enough to hear that the Army of Two franchise is still alive and kicking.

Kotaku reports that the next title is being developed by EA Montreal using the Frosbite 2 engine that was featured in Battlefield 3. The title change is relative to the rumor that it will now host 4-player co-op rather than the standard 2-player option that the previous titles were focused on.

The previous Army of Two titles must have done well enough to warrant a third entry in the franchise. Seriously though, who doesn’t love co-op? ¬†Hopefully this one will deliver quadruple the fun and teamwork the series is meant to be known for. But for now all we can do is wait for an official statement to come regarding these rumors.

Source: Kotaku