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Final Fantasy XIII selling for $150 in Japan

With the release of Final Fantasy XIII¬†just a day away in Japan, the game has started to sell out on online retailers. Amazon.jp has withdrawn the game due to exceptional pre-orders, so you’ll now have to look elsewhere for the … Continue reading

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Year-to-Date Hardware Sales Compared

So as the year approaches its close, and before the Decemeber rush comes in, we thought it best to give this year’s hardware sales a comparison. With many calling 2009 the year of the PS3, Sony’s console has enjoyed a … Continue reading

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NPD November Hardware and Software Sales

NPD has released their latest hardware and software sales for the US, showing respectable numbers for all the consoles. Though their¬†order is slightly surprising. Despite Sony’s Black Friday boasting, the PS3 came behind the Xbox 360 and Wii this month, … Continue reading

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Pirates of the Caribbean level pack coming to LittleBigPlanet

A new level pack is coming to LittleBigPlanet, given away by the premature release of new trophies for Media Molecule’s PlayStation 3 game. When Disney Interactive Studios and Sony showed off the Pirates of the Caribbean Sackboy pictured in this … Continue reading

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PS3 Firmware 3.15 now available for download

As promised, even before Sony announced that they were going to release a new firmware update, the PlayStation 3’s firmware 3.15 is now available for download. The update is optional, so if you want the following changelist on your system, … Continue reading

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Javelin glitch fixed in latest Modern Warfare 2 patch

The infamous Modern Warfare 2 Javelin glitch has now been fixed in the game’s latest patch. You can now download a 15MB patch, 1.06, for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The most significant fix solves the Javelin exploits, which … Continue reading

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MW2 Domination: Tactical Nuke Makes You Feel Good

Say the word ‘perks’ and what game do you think of? Modern Warfare. And with these perks skilled gamers can perform some damned impressive feats. Meet tejbz, recently signed to Machinima.com, and you’ll find a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare … Continue reading

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Jaffe calls out journalists for bullsh*t sensationalist headlines

David Jaffe has once again returned to the internet, following a long hiatus, to tell certain members of the press that their sensationalist headlines are bullsh*t. Too right… Oh wait, we wrote one above. Whoopsy. David Jaffe, best known for … Continue reading

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Yahoo: Don’t buy a PS3, it’s Christmas’ new coal

Yahoo’s Financial team is out to tell you what gifts not to buy this Christmas, with the PlayStation 3 on the top of the Grinch’s list. Yahoo doesn’t think that coal is such a bad Christmas present, since it not … Continue reading

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Confirmed: PS3 Firmware 3.15 dated and detailed

Just a little smidgen of news for you today. We’re getting reports that the PlayStation 3’s firmware 3.15 will be released very soon. Firmware 3.10 brought limited Facebook integration and a fix for the ugly friends list. The unconfirmed firmware … Continue reading

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