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PS3 Thanksgiving Week Sales Compared to Previous Years

The State’s Thanksgiving week sales are in, and Sony’s PlayStation 3 numbers are certainly looking promising for the month of November. In fact, the platform holder did so well that the week compares very favourably to the console’s previous two … Continue reading

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Robin Williams the Hardcore Gamer

Who’d’ve thunked it? When it comes to gaming, Robin Williams is as hardcore as they come. In the latest Late Night show, the comedian tells Jimmy Fallon about his love for Call of Duty, complete with online shenanigans. Robin talks … Continue reading

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The Gadget Show picks PS3 Party Games over Wii’s

Channel Five’s Gadget Show Winter Special saw the team list this holiday season’s top party games. As expected, the list was dominated by Wii games, but the PlayStation 3 infiltrated the top. On tonight’s Gadget Show, Suzi Perry and Jon … Continue reading

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New Prince of Persia Announced, Trailer Debuts Next Month

Ubisoft has announced the development of a new Prince of Persia video game, bringing the series back to the Sands of Time, despite the publisher’s previous statements that they would not be returning to the hit Sands of Time trilogy. … Continue reading

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PS3 bundles sell out in only eight hours

Sony’s Black Friday PlayStation 3 bundles sold out in under eight hours, showing that the platform holder is well set for the holiday season. This month’s NPD hardware sales results should be very interesting, with US consumers being turned on … Continue reading

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Online Create comes to LittleBigPlanet next week

LittleBigPlanet’s biggest update is coming next Monday; Leerdammer will at long last introduce Online Create. On November 30th, Media Molecule will release update 1.21, otherwise known as Leerdammer. The developer is calling it the game’s biggest update yet, since it … Continue reading

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Sony: Discs aren’t going away any time soon

The UMD-less PSPgo is not a sign that Sony is leaving physical discs out of their gaming devices. Digital distribution is certainly on the up and with the PSPgo joining the iPhone as a download-only gaming platform, it wouldn’t be … Continue reading

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Free Uncharted 2 Multiplayer DLC this Friday

Free Uncharted 2 downloadable content is on its way this Friday, in the shape of a classic Drake’s Fortune map. This Black Friday, 27th November, Naughty Dog will be releasing the first downloadable content for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. ‘The … Continue reading

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Far Cry 3 confirmed, may not be set in Africa

Ubisoft has confirmed that Far Cry 3 is in development, though it’s currently unclear as to where the game will be set this time. Whether to head to Africa with Far Cry 3 seems to be the burning question for … Continue reading

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Modern Warfare 2 fan gets Rick’Rolled

Don’t have your video game orders sent to your friend’s house, because you may not get what you were expecting. Rick Astley returns in his greatest ever rick’roll. YouTube member gplnd was (presumably accidentally) sent his mate’s Modern Warfare 2 … Continue reading

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