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Tretton: More high-definition PS3 gamers than Xbox 360

Thanks Jacky T, you’ve got a nice little statistic for us. He just loves having a good ole’ poke at the competition. That pesky Microsoft with their 360 degrees X-marks-the-spot box. They ain’t got nuffin on that Pee Ess Three. … Continue reading

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Gran Turismo 5’s Menus, UI, Driver Names & Gameplay

A Gran Turismo 5 release date will be making its way to our screens this E3. That’s a fact. Whether it’ll stick is be another question, but we sure hope so. What we really want to know about the game … Continue reading

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Sony will not be refunding all PS3 owners: Law firm’s site hacked

Do you remember that once upon a time you could install Linux on your PS3? No? Well what if we jogged your memory with the option of a 50% refund for its removal? Ah, we’ve got your attention now haven’t … Continue reading

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InFamous 2 revealed: New design, new city, new powers, new foe

Well all our predictions are coming true one by one before we were even able to tease you with them. Killzone 3, LittleBigPlanet 2, and now Infamous 2. Sucker Punch will be following up their first PlayStation 3 game with … Continue reading

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First Killzone 3 teaser trailer – more soon

The first Killzone 3 trailer has been released, demonstrating the game’s new brutal melee combat in a dark and stylised fashion. The trailer features CG footage, but makes use of the game’s actual animations. These are the melee kills you’ll … Continue reading

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EA: 360 release will double Insomniac’s sales

Insomniac has gone multiplatform for one of its future games. EA is pleased as punch to sign on Insomniac’s Xbox 360 and PS3 title. The developer had previously been wed to Sony. Insomniac announced last week that it had decided … Continue reading

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First Killzone 3 trailer next week

You’ll be able to catch your first glimpse of Killzone 3 even before the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Developer Guerrilla Games and publisher Sony Computer Entertainment will be showing off the PlayStation 3 sequel next Friday. Oh, and the trailer will feature … Continue reading

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Killzone 3: Guerrilla brought in Hollywood talent

Killzone 2’s story was a little light on plot with somewhat two-dimensional characters. Guerrilla Games hopes to change that with Killzone 3, bringing in a little bit more professional talent. The team has learnt a lot from the storytelling of Naughty Dog’s … Continue reading

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Rumour: Beyond Good and Evil 2 probably cancelled

Oh, god damn it. This isn’t what we wanted to hear. Ubisoft has announced its plans for E3, with Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and a new Driver game to be shown, but it’s not what we were hoping for. What we … Continue reading

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Killzone 3: Controls will be more responsive

Many criticised the responsiveness of the controls in Killzone 2. With the recent unveiling of Killzone 3, Guerrilla Games is keen to tout the work it’s done in this very area. Killzone 2 got a lot right with its weighty … Continue reading

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