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Why the NGP will crush (and be crushed by) the 3DS

As a fan of all things video games, I was damn excited when Nintendo unveiled their new 3DS, especially since I’ve owned some variation of every Nintendo handheld that’s ever released. So without even thinking twice about it, I plunked … Continue reading

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Best Games with the Worst Titles

No matter what kind of an impact a game has after tons of time and money are spent on developing it, it’s by a single word or phrase that it will be ultimately be identified with. Using just a few … Continue reading

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GDC: Infamous 2 Mission Creator announced

Most of us thought that Sony’s Play, Create, and Share mantra would be limited to games such as LittleBigPlanet and ModNation Racers, but it seems that Sucker Punch plan on getting in on that action. Today at GDC, it was … Continue reading

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PSP2 Officially Named NGP; Releases Holiday of This Year

With Nintendo hogging all the attention with their 3DS, it was only a matter of time before we finally got wind of a PSP2. Well, today at 2011 PlayStation Meeting in Japan, Sony did just that. Only now it’s not … Continue reading

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Mass Effect 2 Review

Almost exactly 12 months ago, Mass Effect 2 released to critical and commercial success on the Xbox 360 and PC, and until last August it seemed as if PlayStation 3 owners would be on the outside looking in as BioWare’s … Continue reading

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Seven 2011 Game Announcements Waiting to Happen

Like many others, I sat through the Spike TV Video Game Awards last month. I was hit not only with a feeling of dread for having sat through it, but also filled with optimism because of the promising games revealed … Continue reading

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These User Levels Are Unneeded in LittleBigPlanet 2

LittleBigPlanet took the industry by storm with its release in 2008; unleashing an ocean of creation tools on players, the game was a major innovation in what was a fading genre. Many relished the idea and made some fantastic levels … Continue reading

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Game of the Year Awards: The People’s Choice

Every year, mega-outlets such as IGN and Gamespot do an overwhelming amount of Game of the Year coverage, which is fine if you don’t mind spending seven hours reading it all. Of course, everyone else wants to throw their hats … Continue reading

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2011’s Top 5 Game of the Year Candidates

Coming right out of the gate with Bayonetta and Darksiders, then immediately followed by Mass Effect 2, 2010 hit the ground running, to say the very least. Then Heavy Rain, God of War III, Red Dead Redemption, and Super Mario … Continue reading

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Best Gaming Trailers of 2010

2010 is just about wrapping up, and it’s been a hell of a year for games. Somehow, the forecast for 2011 is looking even better, with a ridiculous cornucopia of awesome ready to invade your living areas. As a result, … Continue reading

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