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Why Mass Effect 2 is Undeniably Better on PS3

After playing through both Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 multiple times each, ME is without question my favorite new IP of this generation. In fact, if the freshly revealed third installment hits the same high notes of its predecessors, … Continue reading

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A Trophy Whore’s Holiday Gift Guide

Hey, did you know that Christmas is just a little over week away? I bet you didn’t, since retailers are usually pretty low-key about this sort of thing. Hell, I thought Christmas might have been canceled due to how subdued … Continue reading

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2011: The Gaming Year to Eclipse All Others

Despite previous disappointments (and that’s putting it extremely lightly), I decided to watch the Video Game Awards on Spike. Despite my lowered expectations the show was an embarrassment to the games industry and awards shows in general; instead of presenting … Continue reading

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Gaming’s Best Updates

As you can see, we’ve made some pretty nifty changes around here. A slick new layout, better integration with our awesome forums, and my butt doesn’t look as big. It’s the PlayStation University you’ve come to know and love, only … Continue reading

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Six Diseases in Gaming Worse than the Plague

Just about everything in real life is better when it’s translated to video games. The people, places, and events within their digital realms are far more interesting than just about anything going on around you at any given moment. Hell, … Continue reading

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Black Friday: What to Avoid and What to Buy

Let’s not beat around the bush here: The week of Thanksgiving in the United States is ridiculously slow as far as news is concerned, with the odd exception of a major release (GT5!!). Instead, it’s usually time to focus all … Continue reading

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Need for Speed Smack Talk Sound Board

The internet is a strange place. Sometimes something comes along whose existence can’t totally be explained. In fact, the only thing one can understand is that they spent entirely too much time with it. This is one of those times. … Continue reading

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Seven Sequels that Should’ve been Vaporware

We understand that it’s fun to complain about how there are too many sequels flood store shelves nowadays, and it’s tough to argue when so many of this holiday’s biggest titles are safe and successful franchises — Call of Duty: … Continue reading

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Six Underwhelming Limited Editions

Sometimes the extra goodies provided offered by limited editions are genuinely compelling and are worth at least a look, even by casual fans of a franchise or license. Mostly, though, limited and collector’s editions are totally unnecessary. They’re usually a … Continue reading

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Garbage Games that Clutter your HDD

Whether a hyped game fails to deliver or we were looking to satisfy our morbid curiosity by playing a critically panned pile of crap, we’ve all been subjected to playing terrible games. Try as we might, it’s unavoidable. PS3 owners … Continue reading

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