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Games you will never, ever Platinum

Ah, trophy whoring. While I’ve never obsessed over the fake-but-totally-real little awards packed into games enough to hunt down a copy of the Hannah Montana movie tie-in, I’ll definitely go after platinum trophies if they’re reasonably attainable. A couple of … Continue reading

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Overused Gaming Buzzwords

With every generation of games it seems that game companies throw around a bunch of important-sounding but ultimately meaningless words meant to coerce unsuspecting consumers into buying whatever they happen to be peddling at the time. Try as I might … Continue reading

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The most overlooked games of 2010 so far

The most overlooked games of 2010 so far In seemingly the blink of an eye, June is just about wrapping up January – Bayonetta February – BioShock 2 March – Yakuza 3 April – May – 3D Dot Game Heroes … Continue reading

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E3 2010 – The Top 10 Announcements

You like video games, right? That’s why you’re here, after all. That’s what makes E3 so special for all of us — it’s gamer Christmas. Who’s going to give you the present you didn’t even know you wanted? Conversely, who … Continue reading

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E3 2010, Day Two – Sony Keynote Hits & Misses

Just like that, we’re all out of E3 conferences. Sony and Nintendo both had impressive showings that really put Microsoft to shame, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out which conference we’ll be putting our focus on. I … Continue reading

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E3 2010, Day One – Hits & Misses

Day one of the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo is in the books, and overall impressions are mixed at best. While the only action was via three separate publisher conferences (Activision’s event is private and won’t be seen until it sees … Continue reading

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The Gentleman’s Guide to Red Dead Redemption

So you’ve made your way into the stunningly beautiful desert wilderness of New Austin. Perhaps you were looking to find new fortune, maybe start life anew in the West. As it turns out, the sprawling metropolis of Saint Louis this … Continue reading

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What were these companies thinking?

You may or may not have heard the news that Rock Band 3 will probably feature a new keyboard peripheral. This is great news for players wanting the challenge of playing a new instrument, fans of keyboards and/or the band … Continue reading

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Putting Insomniac’s move into perspective

The big news of the day comes from Insomniac Games’ new Burbank studio, where they revealed that they’ve entered a new distribution partnership with EA for a new multiplatform IP, meaning that this will be releasing on the Xbox 360 … Continue reading

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Sequels that saved franchises

It’s no secret that Kane & Lynch: Dead Men was a pretty crap game. There are a few people that actually enjoyed it, but I’ll just go ahead and classify those people as weird. Somehow, the game sold over a … Continue reading

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