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Final Fantasy XIII-3 Lightning Returns Gets Its First Trailer
Lightning Returns

In a move unlike Square and the Final Fantasy series, FF XIII is set to receive its second direct sequel in the first ever full trilogy of games. FF XIII-2 was met with a generally positive reception and while the … Continue reading

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Bully, Red Dead Revolver and Midnight Club 3 Land on PSN

Rockstar, the company behind the hotly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V, revealed today that three games are coming to the PSN Store. GTA: San Andreas released last week, so this looks like a sign of a trend that could be … Continue reading

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THQ Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

It’s no secret to the gaming industry that THQ hasn’t exactly been in the best shape lately. After the whole uDraw debacle, they lost significant funds by trying too hard to focus on a dying licensed games market. People would … Continue reading

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Labyrinth Legends Released, Fan Art Contest Detailed
Labyrinth Legends Image

Labyrinth Legends released on the North American PS Store last night and is coming to Europe on December 21st. The game is advertised as an arcade action-adventure dungeon crawler – but what does that mean? The game is being published … Continue reading

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Sony Unleashes Huge PS Store Holiday Discounts

With the holiday season well under way, it was only a matter of time before Sony decided to drop a hefty dose of Winter savings on us. Starting tomorrow, December 18th, through December 24th, the PS Store will be experiencing … Continue reading

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The Homeroom Podcast – Episode 4: Violence, Babes and Betas
PSUni Square

Join us at PlayStation University for the next episode of our amazing podcast: Homeroom. Get to know us a bit more and listen to us talk about topics in gaming that need to be discussed. Witty banter and informative dialogue … Continue reading

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Square Enix’s New Engine is Incredible
Square Enix Trailer

Square Enix recently unveiled alpha footage of a new engine they are working on at an event in Tokyo. The first footage was supposedly real-time animation within the engine itself, but it’s hard to really be too sure at this … Continue reading

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Announcement: God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta LiveStream 12/16

UPDATE: Livesteam is over, to view the archived video, check it out right here.┬áThe audio isn’t balanced well unfortunately, so you will have trouble hearing me until the latter portions of the stream. Attention class! Today, December 16th, starting at … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes with New Survivor ‘Tess’ from The Last of Us
Tess TLoU

The Last of Us is easily one of the most anticipated PlayStation 3 games of 2013 and for many people, one of the most anticipated games overall. Naughty Dog recently unveiled a whole slew of information about the game and … Continue reading

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DJMax Technika Tune Review – Tap Tap Vita Music
DJMax Feature Image

Rhythm games may not be as popular as they were a few years ago, but the appeal is still undeniable. They are incredibly simple to grasp, addicting to play and typically appeal to a wide range of audiences – depending … Continue reading

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