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All NGP Games will have Digital and Physical Release

It wasn’t long ago when Sony said that it would be far too difficult to release digital copies of all their PSP titles. Moreover, it would be even more challenging to make such digital releases become available simultaneously. With some … Continue reading

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Lionhead Developer shows off ‘Mega Meshes’

At the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2011 in San Francisco, the lead programmer of Lionhead Studios, Ben Sugden, presented a new technique for rendering and texture creation. The presentation, titled ‘Mega Meshes – Modelling, Rendering and Lighting A World Made … Continue reading

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Mirror’s Edge 2 Still in Early Stages

For those of you who were fans of the first Mirror’s Edge, you may have been wondering: Where’s the sequel? Back in late 2009, it was even said that Mirror’s Edge 2 was in the works, and now we’re over … Continue reading

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Homefront Multiplayer Trailer

Earlier today, THQ released their most recently trailer of Homefront, a first-person shooter which has gained quite some momentum over the past months. This video focuses in on the multiplayer mode of the game, showcasing it’s mixture of ground, vehicular, … Continue reading

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Epic would love Gears of War on PS3

Gears of War is one of those titles you commonly see PlayStation 3 owners bash. Simultaneously, it’s also one of those titles that many PS3 gamers wish they could get their hands on to see what all the hype is … Continue reading

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First Detail of Bungie’s Next Game Revealed

Now that the beloved Halo series has come to an end, many gamers have wondered: What’s next for Bungie?  The developer has had some fun with this one, depriving gamers from the information they desperately desire. Now, it seems as … Continue reading

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GDC 2011: PlayStation Home 1.5

With the Game Developers Conference (GDC) currently underway, we’re beginning to get more and more announcements concerning what gamers can expect for the future. Amongst these announcements is Sony’s announcement of PlayStation Home 1.5. Home, which released with large-scale support … Continue reading

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Sucker Punch to Make an Announcement [Updated]

Update Sucker Punch Productions has made the announcement, which was reported by our very own Joe Garcia.  Go have a look at his article here. _____________________ What’s worse than waiting for a developer to make their next big title? Them … Continue reading

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Grand Theft Auto V Confirmed via Actor’s Resume [Update]

Let’s face it: We all knew Grant Theft Auto V was coming sooner or later. The question wasn’t whether or not there would be one, but when the game would be announced. Though there still hasn’t been an official announcement, … Continue reading

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IO Interactive Working on Unannounced Game

After some searching on IO Interactive’s job listings, it has been discovered that the developer is working on a new, unannounced AAA action title. What makes things more interesting is that the developer certainly isn’t holding back in terms of … Continue reading

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