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Black Ops Celebrates Presidents Day

Occasionally, developers feel generous during holiday weekends. With some double XP here, some free content there, holiday weekends are usually a way for developers to spike the interest in their game back up. In light of Presidents Day, Treyarch is … Continue reading

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Portal 2 finally finished, says Valve

Portal 2, successor to the critically claimed “Portal”, has been delayed frequently over the course of the last year. Finally, Valve’s Managing Director Gabe Newell says that Portal 2 is finished, and will be hitting store shelves in April. In … Continue reading

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Qriocity’s Music Unlimited Service Comes to PSN

Sony’s Qriocity has become quite successful after it originally became available in June 2010. The service is an On-Demand of a sort, giving users access to movies, music, and other media. After having had success in its first few months, … Continue reading

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Crysis 2 Identical on PS3 and 360, says Crytek

The console wars are by no means unheard of, and ever since the PlayStation 3 released, the Xbox 360 and itself have been competing. Though exclusive games are by far more important for competition than multi-platform titles, such titles have … Continue reading

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Sony S1 Tablet Info Surfaces

Thanks to Apple’s iPad, the tablet market has taken the light from the previously popular “netbooks”. When a type of device becomes popular, you can always expect to see the big wig companies close behind. Though Sony does not plan … Continue reading

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Sony on the Offense: PSN Bans Reported

In light of all the recent hacking issues that have plagued the PlayStation 3, Sony has began to defend its console to a much greater extent. With Sony recently having sued PS3 hacker GeoHot, it’s clear to hackers that Sony … Continue reading

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Sega Classics Coming to PSN this March

There has been talk about Sega Classics coming to the PlayStation Store in the past, and it seems Sony was listening. Starting this March, Sega Classics, such asSonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Streets of Rage 2, Golden Axe … Continue reading

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Crytek Responds to Crysis 2 Leak

Crysis 2, one of the highly anticipated titles hitting store shelves on March 22, has encountered a considerable problem a bit over a month away from the release.  For those of you not aware, an unfinished version of Crysis 2 … Continue reading

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Sony Redesigning Media Remote

Sony is known for always trying to make things as sleek as they can be. When the PlayStation 3 was being unveiled, there was plenty of talk about how sleek the console was.  Even before the PlayStation 3, they did … Continue reading

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Howard Discusses Skyrim’s ‘Jedi-Masters’

After some comments made by Bethesda’s lead designer Todd Howard for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, we know a bit about Skyrim’s “greybeards”. The greybeards are, from the perspective of the player, a group of mysterious elders who reside in High … Continue reading

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