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New Bulletstorm Demo Trailer

The developers of Bulletstorm, Epic Games, are by no means new to the gaming industry.  With the hit success of their Gears of War series, expectations of games released by the developer are rather high. It seems Epic Games is … Continue reading

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New Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Details Surface

As Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s draws closer, we continue to get more exciting information regarding the game. Today there is more exciting news, including information on the AI, engine, and more. Skyrim will run on the new “Creation Engine”, which … Continue reading

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Bulletstorm Demo Inbound Jan 25-26

Developers People Can Fly and Epic Games have announced that a Bulletstorm demo will be hitting the Xbox 360 on January 25th, and PlayStation 3 January 26th. The demo will give players as sneak peek into the Echo mode, in … Continue reading

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Your Mom Will Hate Dead Space 2

In the gaming world, parents have always been viewed as the opposing force; trying to keep their innocent children from witnessing the wretched titles that make up the next generation. Most developers ignore this, and continue making games as violent … Continue reading

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Rumor: PS2 Games to come to PSN

For the longest time, the PSP fell behind the PS3 and many felt it was stuck in the last generation. With the implementation of the PlayStation Store, ‘minis’, and many other things for the PSP, the small handheld device began … Continue reading

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SOCOM 4 to release in April

When SOCOM 4 was delayed in July 2010, the most we knew was that it would be releasing in 2011.  Thankfully, a new Wall Street Journal article concerning the PlayStation Move confirmed April as the month of the release. For … Continue reading

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Shift 2 Unleashed Gets Release Date and New Trailer

Shift 2 will be releasing in Europe March 25th, and will be hitting North American stores 3 days later on March 29th for the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.  According to EA, Shift 2 will be “the most realistic racer … Continue reading

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The UnderGarden to reach PSN this Winter

The UnderGarden isn’t exactly your everyday title.  With “epic adventures featuring ingenious puzzles, high-resolution 3D graphics, and an enlightened world of wonder”, UnderGarden is sure to please gamers just looking to escape the realm of the action packed titles that … Continue reading

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Sledgehammer Games to develop next Call of Duty

Sledgehammer games, the developer formed by to former Infinity Ward executives, seems to be the developer to produce the next installment to the Call of Duty series. This was confirmed upon the discovery of a job listing for a community … Continue reading

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Black Ops Plagued by Aim Bot Hack

From Black Ops’ release in November, Treyarch has proved serious about not allowing hacking.  While past Call of Duty titles had been hacked on end with little interference with developers, Treyarch broke that trend and finally stepped in.  However, it … Continue reading

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