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Backwards compatibility coming to PS3?

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One of the biggest criticisms that Sony receives about its PlayStation 3 console is the decision it made to remove backwards compatibility from its hardware. While early adopters benefited from being able to play PlayStation 2 titles on the PS3, new owners aren’t given that luxury.

However, today, Siliconera noticed that Sony Japan has filed a patent that shows schematics and designs for an external device that would allow for PS2 titles to be played with the PS3. The external device would be a standalone DVD drive with the emulation software and everything. Sadly, how cost effective can this honestly be? Who is going to pay any more than $40-50 for this add-on and would that be enough to justify the development costs as well?

Here is an image of the device below.

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Comments (12)

  • yewles1

    Lets hope it’s affordable…

  • The Dean

    It HAS to be cheaper than a PS2, right?

  • Thorzilla

    I’d buy that if it was prized reasonably. I’ve been wishing to replay a lot of PS2 games, the best gen of games ever.

  • One-Shot

    Whatever happened to the whole using the cell processor for emulation thing?

  • daevv

    Even though I have a original 60gb PS3, on the rare times I play a PS2 game (NHL 2002,2003, or Mega Man Anniversary) I use my actual PS2 system.


  • TRF

    Hopefully it’s less than $50. I wouldn’t mind paying for PS2 emulation.

  • ThatOneDude

    I hope this less than $50, a good price would probably be $15

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  • MrPriest

    19.99$ TOPS, more than that is more stupid than the PSP GO

  • Deedui69

    Well a DVD player is 20$ in a retail store so I would expect to be 40$ min. Well this doesn’t really concern me since I have the motorstorm 80 Gb ps3 that has emulation in it. Even that isn’t perfect. I would hope for more HD PS2 game remake like especially those classic RPGs. Those would look really good in HD :D.

  • xxgtasaxx

    This will bring in hardware emulation right?

  • Sir Rickard

    I suppose they will announce it on TGS and also end the PS2’s life cycle.

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