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Battlefield 3 doesn’t come with free copy of 1943; early access to DLC instead

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Considering it’s their most highly-anticipated game of the year, EA is doing a rather bang-up job of creating issues unique to each of the platforms that Battlefield 3 is launching on. PC users get to struggle with EA’s Origin and Battlelog services, 360 users get to play with PS2-era textures if they can’t spare the hard drive space, and now PS3 users are getting cheated out of the free on-disc copy of Battlefield 1943 that was promised way back at E3.

No reason was given as to why the free game was no longer included, but the official Battlefield 3 Twitter instead promised that PS3 gamers are to be “compensated” with early access to BF3 DLC. Yes, that’s right! Instead of EA giving you a $15 value, they’re offering you the rare opportunity to give them more money, earlier than 360 players — hot damn!

And here I worried that EA ¬†might be a bunch of money-grubbing so-and-so’s! Phew!

Source: Twitter, via Destructoid

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  • Hero

    Seriously, I’m only 3 missions into the campaign and I’m already having issues with the game.


    Wow EA is on the verge of going back to their old ways. This is a serious low blow to PS3 owners. It almost makes Activision look good.

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