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I Would like a Beta Code for BBC …

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Comment posted Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta Code Giveaway by LOFT.

I Would like a Beta Code for BBC 2
Thank You Very Much

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  • aks




    seriously though, could i have one please?

  • Frulond

    :O GREAT!!!!!!!

    I want want so bad please pretty please!!!!!!!!!

    BC2 it’s looking amazing and BC1 was great. for the looks of the MP videos looks like it will beat MW2 hands down

  • LOFT

    I Would like a Beta Code for BBC 2
    Thank You Very Much

  • vicheous

    Oh yeah me want so bad! If i get one thanks in advance…

  • Jay

    😮 Sweet.

    Could I get one please guys, Ive been looking forward to this since it was first announced as I <3 BC1 and 1943 so it'd be great to play / test this out in a couple of weeks from now. Thanks.

  • pavlovic

    I want one of those.

    BC2 is gonna be the first must buy FPS of 2010

  • WonsAuto

    I can haz beta code?

  • XxLil-BxX

    i want a beta key please im a big fan of battlefield games

  • portgas

    I need this code :) plz

  • Thomas Cronin

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 is obviously going to better than cod4, the first one was amazing, dice always make class games, i would seriously love a code off ye guys, thanks again

  • tdrules

    can i have a code guys?

  • the stig

    BFBC 2 is going to amazing

  • major

    WOW!! Can i get a key please?

  • omegaweapon22

    I would like a code please. Thanks!

  • Bongman

    I also would like a key, thanks in advance. Great site…

  • connor

    plzzzzz 1 for me too:D

  • wayne

    i’ve been waiting forever to see this game. I might pass on COD:MW2 for it. This would be awesome to play. Hopefully the beta isn’t too buggy and anything wrong with it can be sorted out.

  • proevofan

    Yes PLZ! I want a code!!! Cheers!!

  • DA291

    Could i get a beta code please?
    Thanks guys

  • BFBC2 FTW!!

    BFBC2 is gona be the best game of 2010 and i would love to be a part of the beta so please can i have a beta key 😀

  • MainEv3nt 69

    i love battlefield and would like a beta code please!!!

  • ryan h

    a beta code would be FANTASTIC!! =D Thank you so much!! You guys rock!

  • Yee

    Can I have a code? Thanks a lot!

  • emeka

    I would really like a code for BFBC2 and hope I get one. If i do thank you in advance…

  • Raoh

    Send a code over this way please :)

  • jamal

    I would LOVE a code, please !!!

  • xjatsx

    i want 1 so i can say that BC2 is better than MW2

  • Jimbo

    Could I get a code please guys? really looking forward to this game.


  • Eric Ho

    A beta code would be great please!

  • vitacora

    One for me please!!

  • Jared

    Could i also have a code please guys??

  • Sami

    Would be great if you could give me a code! :)
    Love battlefield! Great serie!

  • Da_Lion

    I would love a code over here, please………..

  • Jimmo

    Hope I get a code

  • John Peters

    Well, I have played every battlefield game since ’42, owned every expansion etc, registered all etc, and I would be honoured to be selected for the beta, truly I would, and that being said I am going off now for a game of bf2 :)

  • Matt

    you guys are awesome for doing this! One please. 😉

  • shroger

    I can haz code plzzzzz???

  • xjatsx

    {{{{{{{{{{{{plz ))))))))))))))))))))) beta code 4 me . id love to make them MW2 lads cry


    I would like a code for BF: Bad Company 2 :)

  • Sami

    Battlefield bad company 2 is such a good improvement over Battlefield: Bad Company!

  • BF ftw

    Hey guys.

    Thanks for doing this, any chance I could nab a code please? It’d be fantastic to have a chance to play and test this game so early.


  • Der_Kommandant

    Please can i have a code?

    Im tired of the hype surrounding MW2 and i think DICE deserves the support, i cant wait to play BC2

    Thanks \m/

  • itchy18

    please give me one! i’m skipping mw2 tomorrow for the sake of this beta! please give me one! i’m so excited for this game!

  • sean

    send me a code please :)

  • xTimskiX

    Just the one please matron, I loved the previous installment of the game.

  • Wolfie

    I am big FPS fan and i love Battlefield series. Can i have a code? Please.

  • segslack

    I Would like a Beta Code, please! I love this game…

    Thank You guys!

  • popolocroise


  • Apocwhen

    What’s a battle?

  • East

    Why thank you. I would adore one

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