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    seriously though, could i have one please?

  2. :O GREAT!!!!!!!

    I want want so bad please pretty please!!!!!!!!!

    BC2 it’s looking amazing and BC1 was great. for the looks of the MP videos looks like it will beat MW2 hands down

  3. I Would like a Beta Code for BBC 2
    Thank You Very Much

  4. Oh yeah me want so bad! If i get one thanks in advance…

  5. 😮 Sweet.

    Could I get one please guys, Ive been looking forward to this since it was first announced as I <3 BC1 and 1943 so it'd be great to play / test this out in a couple of weeks from now. Thanks.

  6. I want one of those.

    BC2 is gonna be the first must buy FPS of 2010

  7. I can haz beta code?

  8. i want a beta key please im a big fan of battlefield games

  9. I need this code 🙂 plz

  10. Battlefield Bad Company 2 is obviously going to better than cod4, the first one was amazing, dice always make class games, i would seriously love a code off ye guys, thanks again

  11. can i have a code guys?

  12. BFBC 2 is going to amazing

  13. WOW!! Can i get a key please?

  14. I would like a code please. Thanks!

  15. I also would like a key, thanks in advance. Great site…

  16. plzzzzz 1 for me too:D

  17. i’ve been waiting forever to see this game. I might pass on COD:MW2 for it. This would be awesome to play. Hopefully the beta isn’t too buggy and anything wrong with it can be sorted out.

  18. Yes PLZ! I want a code!!! Cheers!!

  19. Could i get a beta code please?
    Thanks guys

  20. BFBC2 is gona be the best game of 2010 and i would love to be a part of the beta so please can i have a beta key 😀

  21. i love battlefield and would like a beta code please!!!

  22. a beta code would be FANTASTIC!! =D Thank you so much!! You guys rock!

  23. Can I have a code? Thanks a lot!

  24. I would really like a code for BFBC2 and hope I get one. If i do thank you in advance…

  25. Send a code over this way please 🙂

  26. I would LOVE a code, please !!!

  27. i want 1 so i can say that BC2 is better than MW2

  28. Could I get a code please guys? really looking forward to this game.


  29. A beta code would be great please!

  30. One for me please!!

  31. Could i also have a code please guys??

  32. Would be great if you could give me a code! 🙂
    Love battlefield! Great serie!

  33. I would love a code over here, please………..

  34. Hope I get a code

  35. Well, I have played every battlefield game since ’42, owned every expansion etc, registered all etc, and I would be honoured to be selected for the beta, truly I would, and that being said I am going off now for a game of bf2 🙂

  36. you guys are awesome for doing this! One please. 😉

  37. I can haz code plzzzzz???

  38. {{{{{{{{{{{{plz ))))))))))))))))))))) beta code 4 me . id love to make them MW2 lads cry

  39. EXCITED-KILLER November 9, 2009 @ 12:59

    I would like a code for BF: Bad Company 2 🙂

  40. Battlefield bad company 2 is such a good improvement over Battlefield: Bad Company!

  41. Hey guys.

    Thanks for doing this, any chance I could nab a code please? It’d be fantastic to have a chance to play and test this game so early.


  42. Der_Kommandant November 9, 2009 @ 13:00

    Please can i have a code?

    Im tired of the hype surrounding MW2 and i think DICE deserves the support, i cant wait to play BC2

    Thanks \m/

  43. please give me one! i’m skipping mw2 tomorrow for the sake of this beta! please give me one! i’m so excited for this game!

  44. send me a code please 🙂

  45. Just the one please matron, I loved the previous installment of the game.

  46. I am big FPS fan and i love Battlefield series. Can i have a code? Please.

  47. I Would like a Beta Code, please! I love this game…

    Thank You guys!

  48. ME WANT

  49. What’s a battle?

  50. Why thank you. I would adore one

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