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Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta Code Giveaway

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Do you own a PlayStation 3? Are you looking forward to playing Battlefield Bad Company 2? Do you not want to wait until 2010 to do so? Great — neither do we! Thankfully, we have 230 Beta Codes for the upcoming Battlefield Bad Company 2 beta which starts on November 19 and is exclusive to the PlayStation 3. We’re giving these codes away to 230 of our readers.

Sadly, not all of our readers will win, but a good chunk should, right? In order to enter, simply leave a comment below expressing your interest in receiving a code. On Friday, we’ll start sending out 230 emails to 230 of the comments below. Please make sure to use a legitimate email when leaving your comment and you may not get your code!


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Comments (3,979)

  • Spotter5

    BFBC! woo! bring the rain!

  • LongTime

    Me Love Battlefield LONGGGGG TIME!!! Your Friend and I shall play long time now!

    I would LOVE a BETA code for this. I was in the MAG BETA and was that fun!!!!!!!!!!! If you send me a code I promise to punch my neighbour in the face :) thanks a bunch

  • Hongo

    I really want a beta code thanks

  • Warren

    Well since I”m not getting MW2, this might be a substitute. See what I did there? it rhymed :)

  • Ausstle01

    Please give me a code!

  • John

    Please can I have a code?

    It is a awesome game that I would like to play. Thanks!

  • -G-

    send me a code pliz!

  • Klp63

    Hey can I have a code please

  • alex

    I would like one please.

  • demolas

    hey u guys, please can i have one?!!!!!!

  • Marlec

    I would really be grateful for a code :) thx

  • 4pocalyps3

    awesome hope i get a code :)

  • JBkZ10

    Hi Guys,

    I’m a long time fan of Battlefield, been playing since 1942, and have bought the majority since including Vietnam, 2142, 1943 and Battlefield 2.

    I would love to have a code, having been chosen for the MAG beta, they really are great experiences sometimes.
    this website really is my no.1 source of playstation information.
    Thanks Guys!

  • Alex

    Finally I can see if MW2 and BF: BC2 is the best, but ofcourse I need a beta code for that. 😀

  • doc

    Awesomeness, great competition, any chance at a code, have been a long time BF:BC fan, but have never won a beta.

  • Leandro

    I want a beta code please! The game looks amazing and the gameplay is perfect!

    Please guys, send me a code!

  • Crl_

    aaaaarwh.. bf bad company 2 <3

  • Kitch

    N1 hope this leaves IW dead in the water, I for one wont be buying MW2 on any platfoem gj DICE

  • Milereb

    Can’t wait to give this title a good go. :)

  • Luke

    Loved the first, hyped for the sequel.

  • WhiteWolfDK

    This game is one of the most wanted games in my collection, MW2 can suck some old guys b**** – I just want this 😀


  • canucks23

    Wewt, this game’s gonna be tight.

  • joe

    Looks way better MW2. Cant wait!

  • Dustin

    Missed out on the Best Buy code giveaway so Hoping my luck is better this time around.

  • downcastone

    i would like a beta code loved the first bad company

  • ipe

    just give me code
    i skipped mw for this game,how to wait till march?I guess frezzing in fridge is my only choice

  • Marjru

    I Really Want A Beta Code..Please >_<

  • MartinSWE


  • Lee

    Beta code please :)

  • Nathan Roebuck

    Give me one of the codes please!!!

  • gifhorner

    Hell yeah, of course I would like to receive a code

  • hetz

    wow cool…. beta would be awesome since this game looks promising

  • Dave

    Can i plz have a code? i really love the series BC2 FTW!!

  • Dawknight

    Pleeeeeaaaaase I want one :)))

    psn id : Reuyap

  • Kevin Shommeo

    If i get a beta code i will love you for all of time. I promise

  • espiLFC

    please beta

  • Samatas

    I would love a beta code.
    Can’t wait..

  • nathan henshaw

    Type your message here…

  • Laland

    I too want a beta key. I was in the beta for the first game, and that was a disappointment, even though the final product was brilliant. I would really like too get a sneak peek at the successor! :)


    Omg can I please get a code!? Been a fan since BF1942 and this is still my current FPS especially in the online department. :)

  • Reuyap

    My friend got one… And I really would like to try it with him 😮

  • skelzor

    yahoo…. cant wait to be with bad company

  • Glenithhh

    I’d love a code 😀

    I’ll be very grateful if I could have one.

  • ROFLQuest

    Would love one.

  • nathan henshaw

    can i have 1 please

  • itam23

    i would love to get a beta code

  • logan

    cant wait for this game i would love a beta code

  • Chiko_Tech

    Hey I love Battlefield please i want one

  • BluePacific

    This Battlefield fan would love a beta code as well

  • Crotin

    Great announcement, hope I get one :)

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