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Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta Code Giveaway

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Do you own a PlayStation 3? Are you looking forward to playing Battlefield Bad Company 2? Do you not want to wait until 2010 to do so? Great — neither do we! Thankfully, we have 230 Beta Codes for the upcoming Battlefield Bad Company 2 beta which starts on November 19 and is exclusive to the PlayStation 3. We’re giving these codes away to 230 of our readers.

Sadly, not all of our readers will win, but a good chunk should, right? In order to enter, simply leave a comment below expressing your interest in receiving a code. On Friday, we’ll start sending out 230 emails to 230 of the comments below. Please make sure to use a legitimate email when leaving your comment and you may not get your code!


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Comments (3,979)

  • el_quinto

    I want a beta code PLZ!

  • Klaabu320

    I want bf:bad company 2 beta code :).I big fan fps games

  • rob

    sent it to me baby!

  • george

    hi plz i need a code ty cheers


    I Want the beta :)

  • Adam

    It would be awesome to get a beta code. This game look so sweet.

  • Joseph

    I think I deserve a beta key because I’m a poor, pathetic loser who has nothing better to do than beg for beta keys in the comments section of a website.



    would love to get a beta code

  • zack

    i loved battlefield! and then! and then!

  • Edwin

    I’d like a code please :) Must… have… RPG-launcher…

  • Jack

    do want bad company 2 :D!

  • Matthew

    Hey! I have always been a fan of Battlefield, I think it has the edge over the Call of Duty franchise. I’d love to see if BF:BC2 has lived up to its name! Thanks!

  • David

    I would love a Beta Code & Help make this experience one hell of a ride come March 2010!


  • Mcklan3

    Great game, i’m a Battlefield fan cant wait to play this game.

  • P_J_S_1


  • nathan .henshaw

    i love bf games bf2 was 1st fps game i played :)

  • Edd

    oooo nice it would be sweet if i got a code 😀

  • BC_Squad

    I’d love to be on It since I always miss BETAs and I loved BC1 :[, Please?

  • shervin

    hey guys,

    I really want one, big fan of the first one, still play it and just really hoping i get into the beta in some way or form. thx anyways if don’t get a code for the opportunity.

  • Fgroia

    i want one

  • Nintendo_Dude

    I am a huge fan of DICE and enjoyed bf19843 and Mirrors Edge.I hope you PSUniversity can send me a beta code so I give feedback to DICE during the beta testing.Thanks in advance if I get a beta code

  • bananaboy

    PS3 ROCKS!

  • pit

    Give it to me!

  • Megamorf

    I never get any betas :( So hopefully I’ll get one this time :)

  • DarkChris

    Wow… Really cool of you giving away these codes for free… I would really appreciate one…

  • craig

    if you send it to me i will tell all 10000000000 of my friends about this cool site.

  • leon

    could i please have a code as this game looks amazin!!!

  • Majestic

    I would love a code since im skipping modern warfare 2.

  • Dave-The-Rave

    Obviously I deserve a code..thanks =D

  • Dawknight

    Please… I just bought dragon age and i’m too poor to preoder bf2 right now ^^

    (My girlfriend would kill me actually) But I really love the BF series…

  • Hiro

    Who needs school ?! When you can go to Playstation University and get a Battlefield Bad Company Beta key !!

  • chris43

    I will have a code please!


  • commodore


    My birthday is on November 19th ( I know I could just make that up but it actually is). Would appreciate it if I could get a code.

  • LordJapos

    I really want to join the BF:BC 2 beta, I’m really considering to buy this over MW2

  • jon

    i need a code please!!!
    THANKS :)

  • Rodolfo

    If i would like to have a beta code? Yes i would….affirmative!

  • vicky

    PLZ giv me the code

  • frost_edge

    I want a code, thx in advance

  • Coyote

    Please I would very much like a BFBC2 beta code. I am desperate for one & will do very humiliating things to myself until I sob enough to irrigate the entire Saharra & will give away my 4 y/o sister to a Cambodian sweet shop. And that’s just for the beta!!

  • gio1313

    I would like to say I not only want but neeeeed one lol

  • john

    please can i have a beta code
    thanks guys

  • russ

    I loved bf:bc and bf 1942 but this one looks to improve their already great track record. I would love to get a hold on this beta.

  • Required: Name

    BF:BC 2 Rocks!

  • just

    please send if you can

  • arakouftaian

    Type your message here…

  • Nick

    Me. Thanks.

  • mattLDT

    I want this demo really bad!! :( thanks for the opportunity 😀

  • Jeffrey Jaboin

    I want a Beta Code Big BF Fan!

  • johnny eze

    hey guys, i’d love a beta code for BF: BC 2 i missed out on the MAG beta so getting this one would really annoy my girlfriend as i’d be playing my ps3 more, ball an chain is right ; )

  • anthony Jackson

    I cannot wait for BC2 because the first one was awesome and this one will be a monster of a game….im so excited…….

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