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Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta Code Giveaway

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Do you own a PlayStation 3? Are you looking forward to playing Battlefield Bad Company 2? Do you not want to wait until 2010 to do so? Great — neither do we! Thankfully, we have 230 Beta Codes for the upcoming Battlefield Bad Company 2 beta which starts on November 19 and is exclusive to the PlayStation 3. We’re giving these codes away to 230 of our readers.

Sadly, not all of our readers will win, but a good chunk should, right? In order to enter, simply leave a comment below expressing your interest in receiving a code. On Friday, we’ll start sending out 230 emails to 230 of the comments below. Please make sure to use a legitimate email when leaving your comment and you may not get your code!


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Comments (3,979)

  • SpiderJ95

    Oh my god! Please give me the beta code! I really want it! Winning this would be a milestone in my life! (Plus some bragging rights to my other friends) If I said all that I wanted to say in this comment I would write a 5 page essay, half-spaced with 10 font! PLEASE!

  • Dawknight

    Oh pleaseeee… I’d pay for one… :(

  • Required: Name

    I want a code :)

  • A-Leal

    I enjoyed the first BF: Bad Company game alot. I would love to be in the Bad Company 2 beta. Please and thank-you.

  • LuckForza

    i want a code pliss i never won a beta key

  • Zepekit

    Hey :) i could use one 😀

  • DandT40

    Would like a code. Thanks.

  • Geoffrey Prout

    I am SOOO excited about BBC 2..The Graphics are AMAZING…could i PLEASE have a code…thank you!!!!!!

  • robert

    oh man, i would love to get in the beta, luved the 1st one, and still play 2 this day! gimme 1 plz………….:)

  • arakouftaian

    please, send em a beta code
    i love the1 the demo was great but i never buy the game know i want to tray the beta and see if what i see in the video is what im going to get ,and if is so i will buy the game this time.

    ps. sorry for my double post.
    remember my email is
    my psn.

  • demolitio

    I love DICE and would love a code. Thanks.

  • isarai

    I can has a beta code?

  • Loki

    I would love to get some codes for my friends.

  • Will

    i want a code

  • Anython

    Can I get a code?

  • rollingtheboy

    Hi, I really would like a beta code, i own batllefield bad company 1 and i am really waiting for the second opus, it would be really great to test the beta

    Thanks a lot

  • Tang

    I’ll take a code 😮

  • Sandy

    I want Please ^_^

  • Peppino7

    Hey thanks in advance. I’d love to be a part of this beta. Ever since I saw the gameplay footage of BC2 I was dying to play it. I know it has potential to destroy MW2 and I’m pretty good with leaving feedback to the developers in regards to issues. I don’t want to wait until March to try this out. Hopefully, me commenting early will make me lucky enough to play. I hope you guys can spare a code on me. If not, thanks anyway! :)

  • Phenikou

    Maybe a lucky day ^^

  • hylje

    See you on the battlefield!

  • Playstation MGS

    can i have a code please

  • oNii

    Hello, I would like to have an BF:BC2 Code please.

    // Thanks, Yours Sincerely oNii

  • JImmy

    Man i tried many times to get this code but u couldnt ,and im sad ;( but if u give me one than im pleased.

  • Major_Newbie

    I’d love a shot at a beta code. Good luck to everyone who comments!

  • Dan

    I have loved battlefield for a long time and everything I see on this game makes me giddy! I would love to be in this beta!! Thank you!

  • TheExodu5

    I’d love a code!

  • Jam_bk

    I want to major in Battlefield Bad Company 2 101 at Playstation University!!!! I promise to study hard and regularly attend class. I have taken Modern Warfare 101 and fear 201 will be a lot of the same. I still registered for it but am looking for something more fresh. Thanks!!!

  • acos


  • beast786

    I would like a BF:BC2 code please

  • Keyvan

    can I get a code please?

  • Lewis

    Would really love a code! Thanks a lot guys!

  • In2umniaKillH3r

    I enjoyed Battlefield alot and i know that Bad Company 2 will kick ass..

  • Otto

    I can’t wait for this game! So much that I am skipping call of duty modern warfare 2. I loved the 1st BC but it had a few problems with the basic mechanics; with battlefield 2 its fixed all the mistakes and its taking online gaming to a new level.


    Please send me a code!!!

  • lol

    i would love to get a beta code, i really enjoyed the first one and i cant wait to play this one, looks awsome GOTY!

  • MO

    Code please.

  • foreverflame

    Type your message here…

  • WZUP Radio

    All Work And No Beta Code Make Me Go Crazy, All Work And No Beta Code Make Me Go Crazy, All Work And No Beta Code Make Me Go Crazy, All Work And No Beta Code Make Me Go Crazy, All Work And No Beta Code Make Me Go Crazy, All Work And No Beta Code Make Me Go Crazy, All Work And No Beta Code Make Me Go Crazy, All Work And No Beta Code Make Me Go Crazy, All Work And No Beta Code Make Me Go Crazy, All Work And No Beta Code Make Me Go Crazy,

  • kitty

    Dont forget me :p , I want a code

  • Larhalt

    id like a code because i feel BFBC2 is an awesome game and i wanna give it a try.. i luv vehicles in FPS and the sound of the guns in BF games are one of the best.. also destructibility is the best ive seen in a game.. looking forward to March 2010.. thank you

  • Brad

    Please can I have a code

  • Andrewin

    Pleeeese 😀

  • Lenny Mota

    OMG OMG, I want to play the Beta!!! please send it to me at lenny0487@nyc.rr.com thnx!!!!

  • Dominik

    Hey dear Playstationuniversity team,

    at first I would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to get a beta code :)
    I’m a big fan of the Battlefield series and I’m starving to play Bad Company 2. BFBC1 is still fun, too, but BFBC2 looks so much better that I just want to play it right now. Would be awesome if you give me the chance to do it



  • Twinblade

    I love Battlefield, and a code to this beta would make me a very happy man!

    thanks in advance!

  • Sammy

    Code plz?>

  • MO

    Really like the first BC(PS3) it had it’s problems but they can work it out.

    I would really appreciate a code ^^


  • Kyrii

    I would also like a beta code

  • Sirolf

    A code pretty please ?:)

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