Bethesda hiring for next generation development

A recent job listing on ZeniMax Media, Inc.’s website shows a calling for a “Future Generation Console Programmer.”

The details in the job listing is looking for “experienced programmers” for work on an “unannounced game on future generation consoles.”

There are no details pointing at what this unannounced title could be — the next Elder Scrolls game, a new entry in the Fallout series, or a new IP all together. However, it is possible that Bethesda has been giving the go ahead to begin work with next generation consoles. Rumors have been running rampant about the next Xbox, so it is likely that this is true in that regard. However, it is less obvious whether or not Bethesda has access to the next Sony console, since Sony has been definitive on not releasing a new console any time soon.

[Source: ZeniMax Careers]

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  1. Well, perhaps they are working on Wii U kits instead.

  2. Very true, and I hope so. People already know that developers are being given time with the WiiU, so that’s not really surprising if Bethesda is also working on the Wii U as well.

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