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Beyond Good & Evil HD announced for PSN + screens

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Set to release on the PSN next year, Ubisoft has announced a full fledged HD remake of the original Beyond Good & Evil.

New enhancements to the original game include 1080p visuals, makeovers for the character models, polished textures, a re-mastered soundtrack, achievements/trophies, and online leaderboards. Check out the first screenshots in our gallery here.


Again, no official release date has been given other than a general 2011 window. See this as a good sign, as it was long believed that the Beyond Good & Evil sequel was seeing some development woes. However, with this new announcement, it looks like Ubisoft is looking to provide fans with more than just a sequel.

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Comments (3)

  • TRF

    Nice! I’ve never played it, but always wanted to.

  • yewles1

    A lot of people are about to squeal for joy.

  • WestCoastG714

    lol says psn but using xbox controller

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