I indeed hope it comes to the PS3….but …

Comment posted BioWare CEO would love more BioWare games on PS3 by Dr. Moogle.

i indeed hope it comes to the PS3….but it seems a bit doubtful….it seems that MS is going to try hard to keep that as an “MS” exclusive

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    oh wow, only 1 comment? perhaps i should come back to reclaim my throne ;p

    probably too lazy tho -_-

    but anyways, this would be AWESOME, seeing as how heavy rain did quite exceptionally…..and we’re talking about kojima here… for those of you who dont know, kojima also did quite a few radio dramas; this would not be too far off.

    I mean, it can be a remake/sequel to policenauts/snatcher or a new IP and ill still probably buy it….lest it just totally bombed

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    really? you put the pic of X instead of megaman in representation of the FATHER OF MEGAMAN??

    what is this treachery??

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    SSF4 and Bayonetta dont need to be on there imo
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    to a point they did….but i got into gaming when i was but a wee lad with the SNES and Genesis

    so yeah, they did bring in quite a lot of people tho

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    omg please no…..too many games are becoming movies…ang guess what? im pretty damn sure most of them WILL fail

    is this to be another stupid ass fad?

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  1. “Mass Effect 3, maybe?”

    …yeah because PS3 owners would greatly benefit from getting only the last installment of a tightly story woven trilogy….

    They are not referencing ME at all, just their games in general.

  2. I doubt it will be Mass Effect going to the PS3, but it will be something good, of course.

  3. Moocows111111 May 7, 2010 @ 14:01

    Mass Effect will probably wont be transferred to the Ps3…

    I’m actually glad the Bioware is focusing a little bit more on the Ps3, with look at Biowares library right now its pretty god damn impressive.

  4. Why is everyone so keen on getting Mass Effect on PS3? I’ve bought the two games on PC, releasing the last instalment on PS would be pointless and downright stupid since the series is so story driven, PS players would be confused about what’s what AND they wouldn’t be able to transfer their mission choices and progress from the last two games. Mass Effect 3 on the PS3 is out of the question, move on.

  5. Bioware give PS3 some exclusives then we will talk

  6. jonny_boy103 May 7, 2010 @ 20:43

    yeah i really want to play the mass effect games. but I wouldn’t want the last one. If they did port ME over to the ps3 i think bioware would be smart enough to do the whole trilogy

  7. if mass effect 3 is going to be released on the ps3 than it be a good idea to first re-release the first 2 on ps3
    (in a god of war collection inspired bundle if posible) since the story is so “conected”

  8. I would like to see a Mass Effect Collection with both Mass Effect 1and 2 on one disc before Mass Effect 3 comes out. I’m sure the bluray can handle it.

  9. They should make the trilogy in one blu-ray disk, i guess it could fit in a double layer 50GB disk!!! 😀 that would be awesome!!!!!

  10. Mass Effect franchise is owned by Microsoft Studios, not coming to PS3. But future Bioware games might.

  11. Little big planet 2 is going to be epic

  12. Patrick Steen May 9, 2010 @ 05:16

    jubjub5721: Mass Effect is not owned by Microsoft, it is owned by BioWare and EA. Microsoft published the first, EA published the second.

  13. i indeed hope it comes to the PS3….but it seems a bit doubtful….it seems that MS is going to try hard to keep that as an “MS” exclusive

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