BioWare open to tweaking Mass Effect 3 plot after story leak

Not too long ago, BioWare suffered the misfortune of a prerelease build of Mass Effect 3 making its way online, and with it came major plot spoilers for the upcoming space epic. As a result, the company may change some of the story based on fan feedback.

“We listen to our fans all of the time,” said BioWare founder and CEO Ray Muzyka to Eurogamer. “We listen to them on the forums, their feedback from stories. We’re reading it all. If we can get ideas out of it that will make the game better, sure. We’re not adverse to taking feedback. That’s part of our core values, is humility. Any time we get a good idea from fans… they’re our audience. They keep us in business.”

Muzyka emphasized how the leak bummed the writing staff, but also pointed out that the script is constantly being tuned. “It was disappointing for them, yeah. They’re moving on. They’re making a great game. The script, frankly, has changed a little bit from what was released, too. It’s been edited. They’re always tuning it. They’re always making it better. But yeah, it’s tough when you see your work displayed. You realize only a small number of people are probably going to look at those spoilers in advance.”

Finally, if you’re one of the people that read all of the leaked plot points, Muzyka would like for you not to be a dick about it. “Don’t spoil the story,” he emphasized. “The fun of the story is uncovering things and exploring and finding new points to adventure in. I hope they don’t lose that joy of discovery.”

Source: Eurogamer