Black Knight Sword Review: Quirky is the New Black

This leads to the next problem, the upgrade mechanics. As you free baby eyeballs, you can spend hearts for certain perks from their mother, ranging from health increases, extra lives to health refills, magic refills and damage increases. The system sounds solid on paper, but in action it fails terribly. The health and sword damage increases are hardly noticeable and given their cost hardly worth it. While the cheap health refill and extra magic makes the game a cake walk. The balance is really a black mark on the game as a whole and leads to frustration. All of these negatives aside the game did one thing correctly: the platforming itself. The jumping felt tight and sometimes you had to use attacks (basic ones) to get across gaps. With such simple mechanics though, this hardly redeems the rest of the action.

what? get out of here this is not your game

The Finale

All in all, Black Knights Sword is like that strange kid in the book store trying way too hard to seem interesting and wacky when he is really just not a lot of fun to be around. All the visuals in the multiverse cannot save a game from poor design decisions and bad gameplay. It may trick you at first, but when you take it home and see it was really wearing a girdle, the love you felt all falls apart. If you want a quick game to talk about to friends and relish in the strange, then pick it up. If you are looking for a game with solid gameplay and true artistic depth, let me be a White Knight and save you from buying this game.


  • Quirky enough to distract from some flaws
  • Interesting premise
  • Platforming felt tight and refined


  • Short
  • Weirdness comes across forced
  • Boring gameplay
  • Bland trash enemies

Final Grade: C-

This review was conducted on a PlayStation 3 version of the game provided by Digital Reality.