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[UPDATED] Borderlands Swag Giveaway

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Hello students of PlayStation University! Though we don’t have a review copy of Borderlands to give away, we do have some very sweet Borderlands swag to send your way for being loyal readers of the website. We spent a couple of hours last night with the developers, Gearbox Software, and having them sign various items for us. That’s right, so this is developer-signed swag! Nothing better, right? Well, except maybe the game itself!

Entry into this giveaway is going to be simple. Just let us know which of the four character classes in Borderlands you’re looking to play with most and you’ll officially be entered to win.

First Prize will receive a developer-signed poster for Borderlands while second place will receive a Borderlands mouse pad which is definitely badass (thought about keeping this for myself).

Leave your comments below and enjoy!


1st Prize: MedPac

2nd Prize: PandoraCitizen
I’ll send an email to the winners in order to get your details to send the prizes. If your email doesn’t work that you left your comment with, then I’ll be forced to choose new winners — Thanks.

An entrant did not use valid email addresses. I’ll be picking a NEW winner shortly. Sorry. I’m receiving:

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    host mtain-mmc.gmtain-mmc.mx.aol.com []:
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Comments (118)

  • Jesse S.


  • crimsonTWIST

    Mordecai – Hunter

    Because he’s out for revenge, and I love the Sniper/Pistol combo. Not to mention there is a reason he’s a hunter..can you say companion? 😀

  • sickhorse

    definetly Roland :)

  • combined

    Roland :)

  • Dan


  • Ruone Delacroix

    I plan to play as Mordecai because I’ve always been a long range fighter in all the shooter games that I’ve played. In addition, I love that he’s on Pandora for information initially rather than searching for the vault. He’s looking for information on what happened to his friend/mentor and that just appeals to me.

  • PandoraCitizen

    Brick because he’s a destruction machine.

  • Pkrfan97

    Mordecai is definitely #1 for me

  • Fritter

    Brick for rocket launcher + his 2 big guns 😛

  • Blackhawk375

    Brick because I almost always go with brute force first. I’m hoping for second place. lol

  • Alehkhs

    Looking forward to sniping from afar: Mordecai of course.

  • jaz350z


  • HustlinOwl


  • The5element

    ill be playing mord but id like to play online with alot of rolands(Mmmm turrets) the most.

  • Chuch

    i wanna be the sexy Litlith =D

  • Deja



  • Brandon

    Mordecai. No one else in my group was willing to play the Sniper xD

  • SpoonPower

    Brick’s just badass!

  • Nowd

    I’m definitely playing Brick as a melee tank. I’ve never really been into FPS. The first one I’ve played was ODST (yes I’m an FPS noob). This game’s RPG/Diablo-esque aspect is just too hard to resist. That and I’m finally able to play with a lot of my friends who love FPS! In other RPG games, I always play melee/tank characters so it just makes sense that I play Brick in this game.

  • Cole

    I’ve been torn between Lilith and Mordecai, both high damage assassins of a different sort…. one is long range, one short… honestly I’ve actually lost sleep over this…. a good thing or a bad thing? I’m playing as Lilith initially until my friend at Cal-Poly gets his copy via Amazon, and then I will decide who to continue with…. choices… gotta love them. Oh and T-Shirt FTW! (Regardless of who wins, kudos for doing this in the first place, generosity is a rare trait these days.

  • DeadlyAnGeL91792

    Lilith shes an alien hottie!

  • Sgt Kilgor


  • Teh_Actuary

    Mordecai. Thanks so much for doing this. I’ve been so excited for this game for so long and my Gamestop didn’t even do a midnight release…so sad…thanks again!

  • volo

    Brick – I just love the maniacal laughter!

  • PlasmaX

    Lilith all the way!

    *Phasewalks into the girl’s bathroom*

    What? You would too if you could 😛

  • Bastillian

    Roland, but ofcourse 😛

  • Benster

    Mordecai because of his badass goggles!

  • Skittles

    Mordecai, because he has a sword, can throw flaming death hawks, gib someones head, and isn’t afaird of anything. 😉

  • mauaus

    Mordecai – Hunter

  • Nick


  • Thorzilla

    I would be Mordecai. There’s nothing I love more than sneaking through the wastes in Fallout 3 with my sniper, shooting everything on sight without them even feeling my presence. Mordecai sounds like a character I would enjoy deeeply!

  • Geello

    Brick, because I want to make the ladies’ heads explode in pleasure.

  • Lucas z.

    Mordecai – I volunteer to get second prize… I don’t have a mouse pad :(

  • Fox

    Ah… it pains me to see so much mordecai from people who think they are snipers.

  • Trez


  • Deathslizer

    Lilith the siren ^^ Stealth is key … muahaha …

  • dylydaly

    i wil play as lilith
    cause shes badass and has weird powers.

  • lionheart1118

    brick because he punches harder than mike tyson and turns an rpd into old scholl punch out.

  • SonyJunkie

    OMG!! You have no idea how bad I want something. I really hope I win.

    Oh, I will be the Soldier, cause I like to be well rounded.

  • MM51-TheRealDeal

    Roland (Soldier Class)
    He seems the most all round character and will suit my play style perfectly.
    I also like the fact that he can lay turret shields that drop ammo and med packs that sounds awesome!

  • aptx4869cc

    seksi lilith!

  • VengefulLobster

    Brick, I really want to see what damage that man can do with a rocket launcher. I was wondering a bit as to why most people are choosing Mordicai in most of the reviews and demos, I just really wanted to see a crazed bezerker go after a midget cannibal 😀 Seriously, who doesnt!?

    I’m a huge fan of unconventional weapon styles, and Brick falls right there next to “Try again Bragg”

  • MochaRoca

    Roland for sure!

  • MonkRio

    Mordecai, because who doesn’t want to throw birds at people.

  • Cameron


  • Dahlia

    Lilith… because she’s the chick. And who could go wrong with a little invisibility and going faster?

  • Rawr

    Lilith to phase in and out and all over the place 😉

  • Jonesoda

    Im going to be the Brick,

    I like heavy weapons, and I like tuff characters, I love to blow my enemies away 😀

  • Harbin

    Lilith, most likely. I like being able to get the hell out of dodge on command.

  • Kateye

    Lilith, the phoenix skill looks awesome!

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