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[UPDATED] Borderlands Swag Giveaway

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Hello students of PlayStation University! Though we don’t have a review copy of Borderlands to give away, we do have some very sweet Borderlands swag to send your way for being loyal readers of the website. We spent a couple of hours last night with the developers, Gearbox Software, and having them sign various items for us. That’s right, so this is developer-signed swag! Nothing better, right? Well, except maybe the game itself!

Entry into this giveaway is going to be simple. Just let us know which of the four character classes in Borderlands you’re looking to play with most and you’ll officially be entered to win.

First Prize will receive a developer-signed poster for Borderlands while second place will receive a Borderlands mouse pad which is definitely badass (thought about keeping this for myself).

Leave your comments below and enjoy!


1st Prize: MedPac

2nd Prize: PandoraCitizen
I’ll send an email to the winners in order to get your details to send the prizes. If your email doesn’t work that you left your comment with, then I’ll be forced to choose new winners — Thanks.

An entrant did not use valid email addresses. I’ll be picking a NEW winner shortly. Sorry. I’m receiving:

    SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<mario323@mail.com>:
    host mtain-mmc.gmtain-mmc.mx.aol.com []:
    550 5.1.1 <mario323@mail.com>: Recipient address rejected:
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Comments (118)

  • SpiderJ95

    Maybe Modecai but Brick if I get mega mad like the Hulk!

  • Medpac

    Roland, so bad, i want his HEALS 😀

  • Aidan


  • frosty

    Roland, very interested in the turret he uses.

  • Firehead



    Brick, ’cause it looks like destruction is Bricks middle name.

  • Broadsword


  • moneymeng

    Brick or Roland

  • JV Andres

    I’m going to go for a falconer-sniper mordacai with lethal strike. Hopefully it won’t be too difficult to pull off when I’m not playing with friends

  • zide


  • Big C

    I’ll probably be playing as Mordecai, but talenting myself to use pistols rather than sniper rifles.

  • shmitster

    Lilith, Because every one is going the same thing so i want to give her a chance and she seems to have a nice play style.

  • Taarec10


  • Zinmaster

    definatly Brick

  • Eric

    Brick FTW, either tank or blaster specced

  • megatopak

    i will most definitely use lilith. it seems like it would be a fun experience using magic while shooting guns.. now that is outside of the box thinking. lol 😀

  • Acezfalcon360


  • SuicideKyd

    Hunter for sure.

  • Kachi

    Mordecai! – – I’m going to LOVE watching Bandits Head’s flying 100 feet in the air xD

  • Devastvi

    The Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of Pandora – Bri—ck.

  • KirkyX

    Going for Mord right here, can’t wait to snipe some Rakks outta the sky.

  • ShurikenSpammer

    Lilith… phasewalk… nuff said xD

  • Chiburger

    Roland-turret-badass-do I need to say more?

  • JoeKnowMo

    I’ll be playing Roland because when I accidentally shoot my teammates, as I so often do, they will get healed.

  • Andro

    Mordecai because pets FTW!

  • Tony

    Lilith. I was always the mage in MMOs, and i mained spy in my time in TF2. Lilith seems pretty obvious for a choice, as shes kind of a mix of both.

  • djsnakez

    Mordecai. Snipers and revolvers, oh yeah.

  • goliathvv

    Mordecai of course! What’s better than killing an enemy before it can even notice you or sending your pet to do the dirty job?

  • Knuckles

    Lilith. By far the most appealing.

  • lemon_drop

    Lilith – girls with guns rock :)

  • Infexxion

    Brick looks badass

  • Fluffy!

    Mord for sure =]

  • SoldierofCross

    Ten-hut! Soldier rolling out! Saving teammates and spraying bullets on bad guys…praying Soldier never dies. Grabbing ammo and take loot…Greedy teammates get the boot! Sound on…taking names…sound off…blasting brains…One, Two, Three, Four…Borderlands!

  • Sinmahn

    Lilith – I always love magic spells in rpg’s I dont know why but I just do and girls with guns are just awesome too lol




    Roland thats my final answer professor

  • Noxia


  • Kratos


  • Sacha Cohen


  • Deadpool

    Roland without a doubt. Combat Rifles & a Turret = Awesome.

  • Adagio NyX


  • Enzo

    Roland FTW

  • Boondock

    Rolands for me, hands down..no questions!

  • LastFatality2009

    rolands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if i win i want the mouse pad lol XD

  • LastFatality

    sorry its lastfatality the username

  • burkecableguy

    roland is my final answer
    i hope i get an A :)

  • DartheRoni

    god im loving the game ! i hope i get this D:

  • DartheRoni

    Roland btw is my awnser Mordecai

  • Xerotwo

    I’d pick Lilith, since she looks like she has some interesting skills that could come in handy.

  • AudiMane

    I definitely want to be a soldier (Roland) because I love assault rifles and the turret is badass!

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