That’ll be down to the price, and the …

Comment posted British gamers want Move more than Kinect by Paranoimia.

That’ll be down to the price, and the fact that it actually works. Even recent post-E3 videos of Kinect have, frankly, been embarrassing.

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  • GAME CEO says consumers seek more hardware innovation
    “Ian Shepard claims the industry, with its consumers, is “ready for more innovation,” following a 17.6% slump in sales for the retailer over the Christmas period.”

    Of course, that would have nothing at all to do with GAME charging full retail price for everything, even on their website, and being significantly under-cut by other e-tailers such as Amazon, ShopTo, Play and many others.

    No, of course not… must be the need for new hardware.

  • Update: Sony plans to relaunch the PSN service May 31st
    @deakdeak – Ignore this article. Like so many other gaming sites, it’s spreading misinformation.

    Online gaming will be back BEFORE May 31st. The end of May is the date Sony have been aiming at all along to get PSN back to full functionality.

    Nothing has really changed since Sony’s original announcement. Seems 99% of the gaming media have taken a poorly-written article on Bloomberg and run with it, without actually looking deeper into what was actually said.

    Online gaming will be back soon. Things like the Store and Qriocity may take until the 31st.

  • Lionhead Developer shows off ‘Mega Meshes’
    It’s very nice, but it still suffers from the old 2D foliage problem. Just after 1:30, as the camera turns, so do the plants by the shed.
  • Sony: NGP not gears towards Ultra-Rich
    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…

    I reckon it’ll be slightly more than whatever the 3DS costs at the time of release. So if the 3DS is $229, the NGP/PSP2 will be $249.

  • Sony is slightly alright with Homebrew; plan app
    It may have been the case that GeoHot wasn’t doing it for piracy purposes, but Sony couldn’t take the chance.

    And besides, since he then went on to release the keys and allow anyone to do do anything, he clearly doesn’t have a problem with piracy – despite any claims he makes to the contrary.

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  1. Move is much better than Kinect and offers much more in terms of gaming options.

  2. That’ll be down to the price, and the fact that it actually works. Even recent post-E3 videos of Kinect have, frankly, been embarrassing.

  3. I only play my 360 for Halo n Gears of War which are the only games to go crazy for on the Xbox. Jumping around in the air and looking under my avatars foot really doesn’t float my boat.. Resident Evil 5 with Wii controls does!

  4. i might get bough, or none, its all gona depend on the games that come out for it
    as of now, im interested in move because of The Fight, Socom 4 and its compatibility with LBP, Heavy Rain, and Killzone 3
    as for Kinect, for some reasons im not realy interested in meating Milo or making my avatar catch big red balls

  5. 30NIGHTCRAWLER30 August 4, 2010 @ 15:43

    Kinect, seriously? What is this 5th grade?

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