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I was disappointed in MW1 so I didn’t …

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Comment posted Call of Duty: Black Ops is the Best-Selling Game in the U.S. by Splitting Void.

I was disappointed in MW1 so I didn’t buy any CoDs afterward.

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  • Sony reveals 3DTV in a visor
    Damn, if it works without a TV and with 3D Blu-Ray then I’m sold. I can just chill in my cramped space and play games and watch movies in 3DHD. Only drawback is that others can’t really watch with you, but I mostly play games by myself anyway.
  • Crytek boss believes PS Vita may struggle against mobiles and tablets
    I don’t even want mobiles or tablets for gaming…because for one thing their controls and tech aren’t ideal for gaming, and for another thing most of their games lack length, depth, and replay value unless you’re bored out of your mind out somewhere and have a few minutes to play something that looks like it could be made with flash and played for free on the internet. I still think of the PSP and Vita as a portable console to play in the comfort of my room without a console or while I have some time when I’m away from home. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a different market and I don’t want to see the portable console market’s triple-A games die just for the app game market. I have little interest in wasting time playing variations of tower-defense games on an iPod Touch if I have the opportunity to get into a rich storylines, detailed design, and hardcore gameplay on a PSP or Vita.
  • Sony Confirms Network Pass Program
    I don’t buy used games unless they’re dirt cheap anyway so buying another pass isn’t a big deal to me.
  • The State of Playstation Home
    I’m not much of a social chatting person. I like helping people and teaming up with people in MMOs and multiplayer games through. Games that give you in-game currency to buy stuff would be good.
  • Supreme Court Showdown: Games Industry 1 – Thought Police 0
    Isn’t California in massive debt anyway? Shouldn’t they worry about bigger things than just laying all the troubles on the young generation?
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  • Splitting Void

    I was disappointed in MW1 so I didn’t buy any CoDs afterward.

  • Hitokiri

    i agree with the ‘more cod’s less original content’ you mention. wont they said they would make cod a year release franquise? yet people will eat those up like is caviar but they wont notice the difference sinse all they know is shit.

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