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Capcom teases ‘big announcement’

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This is one of Capcom’s favourite past times. Making announcements of announcements. So here’s another, this time from the lovely folks of Capcom Europe and their incessant tweeting.

I guess we should have learnt by now – Capcom’s teasing of announcements always ends in disappointment. Nonetheless, Capcom Europe has tweeted:

“Big announcement… 2 days to go!”

That was worth the indent. Short and sweet. Devil May Cry 5 made by Ninja Theory? A new PSN game? New Super Street Fighter IV characters? Or maybe another game has been delayed? We’ll find out soon.

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Comments (10)

  • daevv

    Mega Man 11 hehe

  • TRF

    I am so with daevv. MM11 would be sweet.

    If Capcom really focuses on a new IP and doesn’t make another Dark Void, then a new IP would be awesome.

  • Ryan

    Please, please be Strider 3!!

  • Dreamer_Lion

    Ha, I never would’t thought of Strider 3 but that could actually be a kickass surprise.

    Then again, Devil Macry Cry 5 seems more likely?. I think that we’ll see Street Fighter III HD Remix, lol.

  • Ryan

    @Dreamer_Lion, worth a shot…

    Sadly it’s probably a more predictable title of some series that already has to many games out this gen.

  • 9Y0

    My guess…DMC5 (with VERGIL!!!!)
    Strider 3…hm why not,it will be fucking awesome.

  • MrPriest

    LOL who gives a shit about Capcom?

  • TekaTaku

    dmc5 with co op?

  • Dreamer_Lion


    Right back at ya xD

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