Capcom teases ‘big announcement’

This is one of Capcom’s favourite past times. Making announcements of announcements. So here’s another, this time from the lovely folks of Capcom Europe and their incessant tweeting.

I guess we should have learnt by now – Capcom’s teasing of announcements always ends in disappointment. Nonetheless, Capcom Europe has tweeted:

“Big announcement… 2 days to go!”

That was worth the indent. Short and sweet. Devil May Cry 5 made by Ninja Theory? A new PSN game? New Super Street Fighter IV characters? Or maybe another game has been delayed? We’ll find out soon.

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  1. Mega Man 11 hehe

  2. I am so with daevv. MM11 would be sweet.

    If Capcom really focuses on a new IP and doesn’t make another Dark Void, then a new IP would be awesome.

  3. Please, please be Strider 3!!

  4. Ha, I never would’t thought of Strider 3 but that could actually be a kickass surprise.

    Then again, Devil Macry Cry 5 seems more likely?. I think that we’ll see Street Fighter III HD Remix, lol.

  5. @Dreamer_Lion, worth a shot…

    Sadly it’s probably a more predictable title of some series that already has to many games out this gen.

  6. My guess…DMC5 (with VERGIL!!!!)
    Strider 3…hm why not,it will be fucking awesome.

  7. LOL who gives a shit about Capcom?

  8. dmc5 with co op?

  9. @MrPriest:

    Right back at ya xD

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