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David Cage, “We’re currently working on a demo”

In a recent interview with G4, David Cage of Quantic Dreams revealed that Heavy Rain will indeed receive a playable demo. “We are currently working on a demo, which is a real challenge,” he said. “Finding one scene that can … Continue reading

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The Last Rebellion Dated

Earlier this year, the people who brought the PS3 exclusive Disgaea 3 announced that they had a new turned based JRPG titled Last Rebellion in development exclusively for the PlayStation 3. Today it has been revealed that Last Rebellion will … Continue reading

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Airport Terrorism in MW2 Sparks Paradigm Shift in Gaming

After having a very good and long debate about this, it’s become clear, to me at least, that video gaming is becoming a medium where real emotions can be produced, and where the medium’s quality can create stories and experiences … Continue reading

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Can your PS3 do tricks? Insomniac Games can with the PS3

According to a recent chat with Videogamer.com, James Stevenson from Insomniac Games explained how the development staff has learned to perform tricks with PlayStation 3. “After we get it off and running and we have a game or two released, … Continue reading

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Japanese Final Fantasy XIII Box Art Revealed

Recently, we’ve seen an influx of information regarding Final Fantasy XIII. Today the final box art for the Japanese release has been revealed. This time taking a more subtle and simplistic approach to the design of the box art for … Continue reading

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Spicy Horse releases Alice teaser trailer for 2011

Earlier this year, I broke a story that Spicy Horse was creating a sequel to America McGee’s darkly veiled, Alice. Today, the developer has released a teaser site featuring a creepy video of Alice laying on a couch being examined … Continue reading

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Polyphony Digital confirms Track Editor for Gran Turismo 5

With the release of Forza 3 last week, the competition between Turn 10 and Polyphony Digital in order to produce the best driving simulator on the planet has reached new levels. While 360 owners and most media sites who have … Continue reading

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New Concept Art for Fallout MMO “V13″

The lawsuit continues to go back and forth between Bethesda and Interplay in regards to the right to create a massively multiplayer online game based around the Fallout universe. Due to this legal battle, Interplay has released concept art from … Continue reading

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Infinity Ward pulls F.A.G.S. campaign

It’s probably obvious that some of you either snickered at the title or decided to be offended, regardless of which way you leaned, Infinity Ward has decided to pull its F.A.G.S marketing campaign from YouTube. For those of you unaware, … Continue reading

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FFXIII’s “Crystal Point” system detailed

The latest issue of popular Japanese magazine, Shonen Jump, has laid out the character progression system being used in Final FantasyXIII. As most of you FF players know, Square has always changed the way character’s progress throughout the course of … Continue reading

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