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Ar Tonelico 3 Announced For PS3

Prior to TGS, we wrote an article stating that 3 JRPGS were in the works for the PS3. The three titles were Ar Tonelico 3, Grandia IV and The Legend of Dragoon 2 which would be revealed at Sony’s discretion. … Continue reading

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Critter Crunch Mini-Review

Critter Crunch is an adorable puzzler filled with quirky creatures and should be a must buy to anybody who enjoys the genre. While the gameplay itself isn’t very difficult, the strategy behind playing increases in complexity the deeper you venture … Continue reading

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DJ Hero Intro Video

We have no idea what this trailer is all about outside of the fact that it is for DJ Hero, but I love it. It’s definitely one of my favorite trailers in recent member. Activision has released a trailer featuring … Continue reading

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Dragon Age: Origins launch trailer is bloody

If I could describe this trailer in one word, I’d go with “bloody.” Also — Is that Keira Knightley climbing the mountain at the start? Sure sounds like and resembles her. They also show her teeth a like she does … Continue reading

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Bayonetta Live Action trailer is…sexy

Late last week, we showed off an impressive unofficial Live Action Tekken trailer and this week we’ve dug up some more Live Action goodness in the form of a Bayonetta trailer. Despite the game receiving poor previews and technical flaws … Continue reading

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Sony builds a PlayStation House in the UK

Believe it or not, but Sony has just hit the real estate market with their first major purchase — a literal home for PlayStation titles entitled, PlayStation House. According to the official website, gamers can go to the Open House … Continue reading

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September’s NPD Predictions

Alright guys, this is going to be something we try to do on a monthly basis to see how close we can line up with the true NPD numbers released around this time each month. Last month was the first … Continue reading

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Uncharted 2 UK Trailer is addictive to watch

It’s not too often Sony releases an advertisement for a game that is addicting to watch due to its smooth melody with a rhythmic voice over, however, they’ve done so with this latest UK Uncharted 2 Game Trailer. Not only … Continue reading

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Top 8 Gaming Franchises that Need to Die

Our Top 8 lists make a triumphant return this week and I’ve decided to do this one up a little differently than normal. While most of our readers cry about how we never included other consoles exclusive titles, we’re going … Continue reading

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Debut DUST 514 Trailer

From the guys who brought you EVE online, Dust 514 is set in a futuristic world/society and takes place in first-person view. I know, another FPS to look forward to, right? Regardless, this is obviously early footage of this title … Continue reading

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