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The Stories Behind the Batman: Arkham Asylum Skins

The good news is that on Monday, ArkhamCity.co.uk got the scoop on five different skins that players will be able to equip while playing the upcoming Batman: Arkham City, and by all accounts they’re all friggin’ terrific. The bad news … Continue reading

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Why You Should Be Watching EVO Every Year

Whether you’re into fighting games or not, I hope you watched at least a few matches from the Evolution Championship Series, more commonly referred to as simply EVO, because it was easily the most exciting thing to happen over the … Continue reading

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Activision: The Only Publisher Doing It Right

Activision’s story is one of peaks and valleys. After they got their start publishing games for the Atari 2600 in the 1980s, they stared financial ruin in the face after a costly patent infringement lawsuit at the end of the … Continue reading

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The Most Overlooked Games of 2011 (so far)

It used to be that the first half of the year was a wasteland for exciting video game releases, with game publishers instead opting to save their heavy hitters for the holiday season. While a whirlwind of high-profile releases still … Continue reading

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The State of Playstation Home

Since many people have long forgotten about PlayStation Home, you may be surprised to hear Sony is still supporting it, it’s growing, and yes, it’s still in beta. It’s been over four years since Phil Harrison first showed it off … Continue reading

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How PS Vita Can Be A Success
PlayStation Vita

While the PSP is still a solid handheld gaming device that a lot of people use to this day, it’s become a bit dated in terms of Sony’s standards. It’s been almost 7 years since the original PSP-1000 released in … Continue reading

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Video Game Cops That Should Be Tasered

With the release of L.A. Noire, people have cops on the brain. Not the FOX show where so many people see their cousin Linus every week, but actual officers of the law. With the ridiculous level of immersion afforded to … Continue reading

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Our Minute-by-Minute Breakdown of the PSN Outage

I don’t have to tell you anything about the PlayStation Network outage over the last few weeks — most gamers are already tired out by game news when major news outlets like the New York Times and CNN are reporting … Continue reading

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How Battlefield 3 Can Take on Call of Duty (and win)

The video game industry is constantly in a state of intense competition between popular game companies and franchises. Think of the 16-bit console wars with Sonic and Mario in the thick of it and you’ll know exactly what I mean. … Continue reading

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Why the NGP will crush (and be crushed by) the 3DS

As a fan of all things video games, I was damn excited when Nintendo unveiled their new 3DS, especially since I’ve owned some variation of every Nintendo handheld that’s ever released. So without even thinking twice about it, I plunked … Continue reading

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