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Battlefield 3 vs Crysis 2 — best looking game of 2011?

Every year, superior titles are developed that deliver visual heaven at such an extreme level that it leaves us gamers wondering if it’ll ever get any better than this? It’s a question I often ask myself and it almost feels … Continue reading

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Best Games with the Worst Titles

No matter what kind of an impact a game has after tons of time and money are spent on developing it, it’s by a single word or phrase that it will be ultimately be identified with. Using just a few … Continue reading

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Mortal Kombat Preview

After the controversial pairing of the Mortal Kombat universe and the DC Comics universe, NetherRealms Studios has decided to go back to the roots of this classic fighting game franchise with Mortal Kombat, releasing on April 19 in North America … Continue reading

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Inside the Game: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Last week, PlayStation University had the opportunity to dive a little deeper into the gaming world by going beyond the gameplay and story and into the music that helps drive a game home — literally. This time around, we dove … Continue reading

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Is Ninja Theory this generation’s Team ICO?

Blasphemy is probably the best word to describe the title of this article, but regardless of that, we recommend reading it anyways. After all, what do you have to lose? You’re killing time at work right now anyways, aren’t you? … Continue reading

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March 2011 – The Golden Month of Gaming; Move Over Drake

It’s hard to imagine a better month for gaming than November of this upcoming Holiday season, isn’t it? After all, we’re probably going to see the release of Skyrim, Uncharted, Call of Duty, etc…How do you topple a month like … Continue reading

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Interview: The UnderGarden developed by Vitamin-G

Late last week we had the opportunity to interview Antonio Santamario, Head of Engineering, from Vitamin-G. For those of you unaware, Vitamin-G is the talented developer behind the upcoming PlayStation Network title, The UnderGarden. While there hasn’t been much revealed … Continue reading

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Mass Effect 2 Review

Almost exactly 12 months ago, Mass Effect 2 released to critical and commercial success on the Xbox 360 and PC, and until last August it seemed as if PlayStation 3 owners would be on the outside looking in as BioWare’s … Continue reading

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Will Sony Ever Learn? A PSP2 Perspective

Over the course of the last twenty years we’ve watched, as gamers, as Nintendo completely dominated the handheld market. Not only did Nintendo dominate with no competition, but when competitors decided to step up and introduce rivals platforms like the … Continue reading

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Seven 2011 Game Announcements Waiting to Happen

Like many others, I sat through the Spike TV Video Game Awards last month. I was hit not only with a feeling of dread for having sat through it, but also filled with optimism because of the promising games revealed … Continue reading

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