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Infinity Ward’s former glory: A Call of Duty retrospective

You may or may not have heard, but there was some recent commotion over at a small indie studio that made a few niche games that I hear a few people play. All dumb jokes aside, this is quite the … Continue reading

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The 2010 season according to MLB 10: The Show

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m really looking forward to baseball season this year. After the Bears’ disappointing season and the Bulls limping their way to the end of another lackluster season, I’m excited to be pulled into … Continue reading

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To Developers: Stop giving women unrealistic expectations

A lot of feminists and pro-feminist movement bloggers have discussed the indecency that is the objectification of women in the gaming industry. From Lara Croft’s unrealistic appeal to Nariko’s scantily clad ability to perform like the God of War himself, … Continue reading

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Things Killzone 3 needs to succeed

When Killzone 2 released last year, it kicked off 2009 with early Game of the Year buzz and provided PS3 enthusiasts with a tremendous first-person experience that they could call their own. So it was just a little bit shocking … Continue reading

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Eight “Classic” games the PSN didn’t need

Ever since the PlayStation classic, Driver, was released on the European PlayStation Store last year, I’ve been eagerly awaiting its arrival here in North America. This last Thursday I checked the store as I always do, hoping I’d finally be … Continue reading

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PlayStation Education: Pop Quiz!

PlayStation as a platform has existed for over 15 years now, and is older than my niece by 14 months. So it’s not too hard to imagine that over the course of the brand’s existence that a PlayStation of some … Continue reading

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Is SCEA trying to ruin an exclusive? C’mon son!

[Editor’s Note: This editorial is going to consist of complete ranting and how some companies need to seriously step back a couple of feet and do things right.] Every year I anticipate four video game releases more so than any … Continue reading

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Happy 10th to PlayStation 2

Do you remember what you were doing ten years ago? Most of us won’t be able to answer that question, but one company can – Sony. Ten years ago Sony released the second iteration of its PlayStation family with the … Continue reading

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Giveaway: inFamous Official Soundtrack x3 (Winners Below)

Game soundtracks are something that have been around for an awfully long time, yet have never reached the level of appreciation that they should from the gaming community. Lately, more and more games have been releasing a soundtrack of sorts … Continue reading

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PlayStation University’s YouTube Initiative

Today, I’m going to start rolling out one of our newest features here on PlayStation University. I’ve come to understand that a lot of our members and a lot of our start-up readership has come from the YouTube community of … Continue reading

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