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Cheap downloads of your UMD collection for PS Vita?

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In another bit of encouraging PS Vita news, it seems that Sony is looking into a way to transfer over your collection of UMDs onto their shiny new handheld.

At a Sony sales briefing, Sony Computer Entertainment development head Yoshio Matsumoto alluded to a system that would allow for the download of UMD titles at a “special” price. A retailer at the same event also mentioned that Sony will announce something that will allow for the play of UMDs on a Vita, though it’s unclear if it’s the same as what Matsumoto was talking about.

This doesn’t sound too different from when Sony said that they were looking for a way to transfer you UMDs to the PSP Go a couple of years ago, but here’s hoping that they’re not just blowing smoke this time.

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  • Reigen

    no problem here, my psp collection is digital anyway

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