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[UPDATED] D3Publisher’s Thanksgiving Giveaway!

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Happy Holidays faithful readers! If you live in North America right now, chances are, you’re preparing to eat more turkey in a couple of days than ever before. While it’s a common myth that turkey makes you sleepy, you know what doesn’t? Video games; therefore, D3Publisher has sent us TEN free copies of games to giveaway to our readers in order to help them get through the Holidays wide awake while enjoying time with the family.

Of course, you won’t get your free copy in time for Thanksgiving, but it definitely gives you something to look forward to outside of standing out in the cold on Friday while looking for a great deal. After all, it’s hard to find a better deal than FREE, right? Exactly. The giveaway will last 4 days and end on Wednesday of next week at 7 PM CST.

The giveaway is simple and involves titles of Astro Boy: The Video Game for the PSP/PS2, Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks for PS2, and The Secret Saturdays: Beasts of the 5th Sun for PSP/PS2 as well.

In order to enter, just leave a comment below with a valid email address entered when you comment (don’t leave it in your comment, make sure you signed in with a valid address to leave the comment), and answer the following questions.

  1. In what year did Astro Boy first appear on television in North America?
  2. Who is Ben 10’s greatest rival?
  3. How much turkey do you plan to eat this week?

That’s it! Leave your answers below and you’ll have a shot to win these potential stocking stuffers and family game night opportunities! Have a great Thanksgiving!


  1. CrazyTown
  2. Blazed
  3. Astro Boy! (oddly enough)
  4. asdfgqwerty
  5. Craigson
  6. DelightfulGamer
  7. Nick
  8. John
  9. FreeGames4Me
  10. Hate or Aid

If you’ve won, feel free to contact me on the forum — If you don’t have a forum account…I’ll be sending out the emails to winners later in the evening.

Thanks to all of those who entered.

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Comments (30)

  • squirrelbo1

    1. 1963 ? was the anime and 1951 for comic which may have been on a tv show at some point.
    2. Gwen Tennyson / Gwen 10
    3. dont have thanksgiving but I will get in the spirit by eating lots of food (not that it really changes throughout the year)

  • Loki

    1. The anime was aired at around 1980.
    2. His sister Gwen Tennyson
    3. A lot. Along with some mashed potatoes and delicious gravy.

  • Nick

    1. 1980’s
    2. Gwen Tennyson
    3. A lot.

  • chrstobal92

    I think the anime for Astroboy started in 1978 in Japan I think.
    @>2, Gwen, but he has lots of inner demons with himself confronting his responsibilities.
    3. I pan to eat Turkey for this whole week on black friday Im packing turkey sandwiches to go camp and then I’m going to wake up on Sat morning eating ham and eggs with a side of corn bread. I love leftovers

  • SpiderJ96

    1. I believe 1963 for the adapted episodes aired in Japan and then translated.
    2. Human: Gwen/Kevin but I think the true answer is the Omnitrix itself. It never worked most of the time and when it did it screwed up.
    3. Let’s just say some families will not be able to have turkey this year! MWAHAHAHA!!!

  • Updator

    1. It was 1963 for the translated original stuff
    2. Gwen Tennyson
    3. Not much, i’m not much of a fan of turkey

  • alexryder

    1. 1963 for appearance on tv
    2. Gwen tennyson
    3. Like 2 or 4 whole turkeys lol

  • Dkenair

    1. 1963
    2. gwen tennyson 3. 4 or 5

  • CrazyTown

    1. 1960s
    2. Gwen Tennyson
    3. I’m going to eat a ton of turkey! Gobbles!

  • Blazed

    1. 1980
    2. gwen tennyson
    3. Thanksgiving means a bunch of leftovers… i love leftovers

  • xero135

    1. 1980
    2. kevin 11
    only one and im reluctant even for that (not a big fan of turkey)

  • Sagatron

    1. October 1, 1980
    2. Kevin 11
    3. I love turkey! I’m going to have thirds, and then leftovers for the next week or so.

  • Jack

    1. Appeared in NA in the 1980’s

    2. Gwen Tennyson

    3. 6

  • Captainswain

    1. 1980’s
    2. Gwen Tennyson
    3. A lot.

  • WickeDMirage

    Gwen Tennyson
    Im Vegetarian :(

  • John

    1. 1980s?
    2. Gwen Tennyson
    3. A little, i need to save room…for other things (no homo) =)

  • DeadlyAnGeL91792

    1. the 1980’s
    2. Gwen Tennyson of course!
    3 An outrageous amount tomorrow i will gorge myself with turkey

  • Grog

    1. It aired in January of 1963.
    2. Ben’s sister, Gwen Tennyson.
    3. Probably a little bit on Thanksgiving day. I know I’ll be eating it for the rest of my weekend. >_>

  • Hate or Aid

    1. 1982
    2. Gwen 10
    3. I plan on eating at least 1 turkey drumstick which is BIG, and my mom might slice me off at leaSt 5 nice breast slices. All in all about A POUND OF TURKEY THIS WEEK

  • SuicideKyd

    3.i had some food.

  • Astro Boy!

    1. 1980
    2. Gwenn
    3. we eat 4 turkeyball turkeys

  • FreeGames4Me

    1. 1980s
    2. his sister
    3. we ate a ton of turducken

  • Paul

    1. 2007-07-15 ( Cartoon Network )
    2. Gwen Tennyson / Gwen 10
    3. A lot of turkey !!!

  • asdfgqwerty

    1. 1980s
    2. Gwenn Tennyson
    3. We didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving

  • Padraic

    1. 1963
    2. Vilgax
    3. Still eating it!

  • Craigson

    1. 1980
    2. Gwenn Tennyson
    3. I ate a ton of turkey!

  • dishes

    1. 1963
    2. Gwen Tennyson
    3. A moderate plateful or so.

  • DelightfulGamer

    1. 1978
    2. Gwen Tennison
    3. I don’t eat turkey but i eat a lot of ham

  • DeadlyAnGeL91792

    NOOO!!!!!!…..i never win this sucks…. excuse me while i go cut myself *cries

  • MGS1234

    @ DeadlyAnGeL9179


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