Dan Houser: Consoles “have done everything you can imagine”

The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are both fine pieces of hardware, responsible for some of gaming’s greatest experiences. But have they peaked from a technical standpoint? Dan Houser of Rockstar Games seems to think so.

“Until they’ve got implants in your head or a holodeck, they’ve kind of done everything you can imagine,” Houser said. “The challenges are smaller in some ways – or less [about] these big things [and more about] implementing what you’ve got better and better. What people want in consoles is ease of use, stability, reliability, and new things.”

Consoles have evolved into something far more than just games machines — they’re the anchor of entertainment centers in living rooms all over the world. Media streaming, internet browsing, 3D, and motion gaming can all be found in today’s machines. Graphics can improve, sure, but will that be enough to grab anyone besides the hardcore gamer when the new generation of consoles eventually hits?

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Source: GameZone