Dead Rising 2’s montage of deadly weapons

One of the best components of the original release of Dead Rising on the Xbox 360 was the ability to kill zombies with virtually anything. See that LEGO head over there? Feel free to put it on a zombie and then slice him up with a sword. The possibilities were endless and ranged from sharp objects to blunt object to even explosives. So, when Capcom announced plans for a sequel to the hit zombie-survival title, we’re sure many fans of the series wanted to know what type of weaponry to expect. After all, their is nothing better than a creative zombie kill, right?

Since the Tokyo Game Show is running this week (or has finished running), Capcom has released a few new videos displaying four weapons you can expect to use in your survival trips within DR2.

We’ve included the videos below.

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  1. cool man but umm i thought this game was only on xbox like the first and i think part one was way better man!!! judging from the videos it looks horrible

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