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Difference in lighting between NCAA 10 and NCAA 11 is nuts

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Every year, EA Sports releases its yearly iteration of college football known as NCAA Football 20XX. This year is the release of NCAA Football 2011. It’s usually at this time readers are getting ready to comment with the usual, “Oh great, a new rehash with updates rosters and a new cover athlete!” While that may be your first instinct, please give it a second and a fair chance.

The design and development team behind the franchise has been hard at work over the last 8 months creating what I believe to be one of the best looking football games of this generation. Not only has the team focused on the finer details of the game, but they’ve also been working on perfecting the lighting and grit of the sport.

Linear lighting also allows us to tune helmets, jerseys, and other player gear in a much more realistic way. For example; you’ll notice the skin looks more lifelike and less like plastic. Helmets and jerseys reflect the right amount of light. Colors are less saturated and react to lighting in a more realistic way. You might remember looking at previous versions of NCAA Football and feeling like things were too saturated and flat. We think we’ve addressed these issues thanks to this new level of control.

Now that you’ve had the chance to read that — check out this comparison between last year’s game and this year’s version. The difference is almost night and day.

Compare this to…

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