DmC Devil May Cry Review – Angelic Demon Slaying

Dante has undergone a complete redesign of his character with a new hair style and everything – he is looking very emo these days. DmC Devil May Cry is the latest entry in the popular action-game franchise and is a reboot/origin story of the demon hunter we all know and love, developed this time by Ninja Theory.

The game involves Dante finding out that he is the son of both an angel as his mother and a demon named Sparda as his father. This ultimately makes him what is known as a Nephilim (this is revealed early on when you meet your twin brother, Vergil.) Vergil is the leader of a freedom fighting group battling against the demons who have enslaved Earth. The story is told very well through both animated cutscenes and still-frame art pieces with narration.

While it’s surprising to see a DmC game have an actually decent storyline, it’s not exactly perfect. A lot of the lip syncing for the dialogue doesn’t seem to match up well and the writing is a lot cheesier than I would have liked. I understand that he’s a cocky demon slayer, but it’s almost trying too hard to be edgy at times. With that being said, I laughed pretty hard when he told a succubus to “suck on this!” What can I say? I’m a sucker for puns…haha…get it? Succubus? Sucker?…

All truth told, it’s a lot more engaging and gripping than past DmC games, making all the demon slaying even more enjoyable…speaking of, that’s probably why you would even play this game, isn’t it?

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  1. Great review and an excellent video review. I’m very surprised this game is receiving such a positive buzz. i’ll definitely pick it up.. that is once it’s cheaper then 60 dollars lol.

  2. You actually made me want tomplay this game now. Which is funny considering i saw it at eurogamer and hated it.

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