DmC Devil May Cry Review – Angelic Demon Slaying

There is definitely plenty of demon slaying to go around in this one. Combat is fast, fierce and ferocious, because I like using alliteration. It’s also awesome. If you’ve played games in the franchise before then you should be very aware of what to expect here. While this may be a reboot for the story of the franchise and the origin of Dante as a character, the combat is really just an evolution of previous DmC games and I honestly think it has the best combat system out of them all.

There is no target lock system, but it actually works out better this way. By aiming your attacks directionally, you can easily set up and extend combos. The combo system gradually expands as you play the game and unlock new abilities and weapons so it does a really great job of letting you make your own combos and stringing together attacks in creative ways. One of the staples of the franchise that remains are the style rankings that really push you to extend and vary your combos as much as possible. Mashing the same button over and over does not build your meter – you have to mix things up to be successful. At Divinity Statues, you purchase upgrades like new abilities for Dante and his weapons. You can also test them out before you actually purchase them, which is a nice touch.

Ninja Theory really steps it up a bit when it comes to the general art direction and graphical flare of the game with a lot of really nice and stylish cutscenes. While a lot of the dialogue is cheesy, Dante still remains a really cool character (even if he is kind of emo and even more depressed this time around.)

Thankfully they do try to mix up the gameplay a little bit by adding in new weapons and abilities throughout the first half of the game to keep you interested, along with light platforming segments to make sure the combat doesn’t get too stale. One great thing is how they introduce new weapons and abilities by throwing enemies at you that are designed to challenge that new skill set, making it easier to truly master.  But if you’re having trouble mastering stuff, there is a training mode you can test out.

There are also lots of challenge missions you access by finding keys in the world and using them to unlock doors. They usually contain an objective for you to complete, but there’s more: Most levels have nooks and crannies of hidden things to find and there is plenty incentive to play the game multiple times. As you unlock new difficulty levels, the stakes are upped quite significantly with different waves of enemies and even all the way up to Dante dying from taking one single hit. Along with the promise of DLC and unlockable skins and costumes, there is plenty of content to go around.


  • Incredibly fun and fast-paced combat
  • Interesting origin story
  • Wonderful visuals


  • Cheesy writing and dialogue
  • Not quite as difficult as previous games on base difficulty

DmC Devil May Cry is a great example of how to do a successful reboot of a franchise. They changed enough to make it fresh, while retaining the trademark elements that brought in fans in the first place. With the unique take on the series, origin tale and frantic combat, I would recommend any fan of action games to check this game out. There is plenty of content and replay value to warrant a day one purchase and DmC fans will be more than happy to sink hours of play-time into the advanced game modes.

Final Grade: A-

Let us know what you think of this game and this review in the comments below! It releases for PS3 and Xbox 360 on January 15th.

This review was conducted on a physical review copy of the game for the PlayStation 3 provided by Capcom.

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  1. Great review and an excellent video review. I’m very surprised this game is receiving such a positive buzz. i’ll definitely pick it up.. that is once it’s cheaper then 60 dollars lol.

  2. You actually made me want tomplay this game now. Which is funny considering i saw it at eurogamer and hated it.

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