Dungeon Hunter Alliance Available Before Launch

It appears that Dungeon Hunter Alliance, along with several other great Ubisoft titles yet to be announced, will be available a week before the PS Vita’s launch. It seems Ubisoft is wanting to give gamers a chance to build up their library before the actual release, much like Untold Legends for the PSP.

Dungeon Hunter Alliance will allow up to three players to use PS Vita WiFi to team up. Apparently the game will adjust the difficulty depending on how many people are playing.

The PS Vita’s touchscreens will also be utilized in this release. Both the front touchscreen and the back touchscreen with be used to pick up items and cast spells respectively. You can also counter curses by shaking the PS Vita. Dungeon Hunter Alliance is scheduled for release on February 14 for $39.99.

[Source: Playstation Blog]