E3 2012: Our Humbly Irrefutable Predictions

Major price cuts across the board

Folks, Sony isn’t doing well, actually it’s doing terribly. The conglomerate has lost at least $3.2 billion and laid off thousands over last year. The Vita and PS3 are both great systems, but no one is ever going to realize that if they never buy it. So I’d expect to see some price cuts this E3. The safe bet is $50 but don’t be surprised to see $100 cut from Sony’s systems. Amazon made millions by having the Kindle Fire sell for under the cost of manufacturing it; I doubt a lot of companies missed this fact, including Sony.

An end to the Vita drought

The Vita is an amazing device. The graphics capability is beyond what any other handheld can do, and the touchscreen controls can enhance gameplay under the right conditions. It just has one problem right now, and that’s a lack of new games. We got 24 games on launch day, but we’ve been lucky to get one a month since then.

We need some new games announced with release dates. Whether it be PSN downloads and full on games, we need something. We especially need more aggressive releases. If we could get it to 2 releases a month — remember, Vita is still new — I’ll be happy.

Vaporware becomes software

Expect Joe to eat a tiny bit of crow, as I expect one or more of his constantly picked-on vaporware titles to get a release date. Sony needs positive attention right now, and giving one of these titles a release date would accomplish this. Final Fantasy Versus XIII, The Last Guardian, and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance are titles that have been in development for years, with little to no updates. This year’s E3 is as good a time as any to final give one of these titles a release date to give Sony some decent press. The safe bet is that it will be Revengeance, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear something about The Last Guardian.

A release date for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

This is arguably the biggest title that Sony has on the horizon right now. For the first time ever, all of Sony’s top IPs will meet head-on, Super Smash Bros.-style. I expect there to be a lot of information released for Battle Royale; more characters revealed, more levels, and maybe even the cover art. Most importantly, we’ll know when it’s coming out.

A release date would be nice, even if it were Christmas of 2013. However, I suspect a Q2 2013 release date for this bad boy. Bank on it.

Wii U will be a train wreck, yet still garner praise from mainstream media

Nintendo will surely talk more in-depth about their upcoming system, and the Wii U will essentially going be a repeat of the Wii. We’re not going to get much news about new games, except a new Super Mario or Legend of Zelda. Instead we’ll get a lot of mini games (like othello, carnival games, or some type of Wii Sports) painted like full fledged titles. The controller will go down as one of those devices that looks cool until you try to use it. Despite the fact it can output 1080p graphics, they’ll more than likely stick with the same graphics they’ve been using on the Wii, so who’s the point?

So we’ll get an hour long presentation about a system with no real titles, an uncomfortable controller, and probably won’t make full use of its graphics card. That being said, expect all major outlets to make this out to be the must have item for Christmas 2012.

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