E3 2012: Our Humbly Irrefutable Predictions

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale gets a full roster

This is the perfect time for Sony to announce the full lineup for its all-star brawler. The announcement of some much-wanted 1st- and 3rd-party characters will solidify purchases of this game, and E3 is as good a place as any to do it.

The Last Guardian steps from the shadows

Sony will announce some details, possibly a more concrete release window for The Last Guardian. This isn’t just wishful thinking. Sony and Fumito Ueda are constantly assuring fans that the game is still going to be finished, which is believable. What isn’t sure is the “when”. Sony now has an opportunity to completely reassure fans that The Last Guardian is not only alive and well, but truly near completion. This would obviously be great for Sony, being a first party title that is highly anticipated and all. This doesn’t mean it has to come out soon, as in the next couple of months; as far as 2013 would be acceptable, so long as fans have some concrete evidence to its eventual release. (Or existence. – Ed.)

A price drop and/or bundle for the PS3…

No time like the present, especially since the Wii U just months away and trying place a lower price than Sony and Microsoft. Perhaps a PS3 bundle with PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will be offered for around $150-200. Either way, this would be a great incentive for those without PS3s to hop on board.

…and for the Vita, too

The Vita will probably get a price drop as well. With the 3DS already issuing its price drop earlier, Sony could capitalize on one of its own or keep the current price for a nice bundle, maybe even offering up the upcoming Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. Whether a price drop or a bundle with the current price, I’m pretty sure Sony will announce one of the two…maybe both.

Wii U gets its launch lineup

Nintendo will announce some of its launch lineup for the Wii U. With Nintendo’s latest console nearing release, it is time to show the fans what they will have access to at launch. This may include some third-party titles (many being ports of existing PS3 and Xbox 360 games), but a few will be the first-party titles that Nintendo fans crave.